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From: Tomas Pecholt (pecholt_at_[hidden])
Date: 2006-10-01 04:33:56

Nils Springob wrote:
>> However it isn't basic_string and it means it is isolated from the rest of
>> standard library. In perfect world I would expect to read/write utf_strings
>> from std::streams in the same way it is provided for std::string i.e. all the
>> operations like operator>>, getline and so on should be usable on
>> utf_strings.
> It is always possible to access the basic_string<> data by calling raw()! The
> standard requires character access, which can't be implemented efficiently for
> utf8 and utf16 encoded strings.

I see! I have some tips to your code:

1) insert(size_type, uint32_t &). This doesn't compile without using
boost. It should be written as insert(size_type, utf32_char &)

2) I have also other compiler problem on line
static const size_type npos = string_type::npos;
With my msvc8 I Am getting error C2057: expected constant expression. I
don't understand because string_type::npos IS constant expression. Do
you know what's the problem here?

3) In append, assign and ctor members you should call raw_string.reserve
before appending characters to be more effective. I know that sometimes
the exact number of characters (code units) isn't known but it's better
to reserve at least the minimal count.

4) This is rather cosmetic. I think something like ustring<windows_1252>
would be both more tabular and more boost-way than current
windows_1252_string. You can do it easily by uniting all your
utf*_traits classes into one template and specializing on predefined
struct tags.


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