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From: Ullrich Koethe (koethe_at_[hidden])
Date: 2006-10-17 22:28:48

Rene Rivera wrote:
> This might OT for this particular thread, so feel free to ignore my
> question. But it might be topical for Boost.Build and installing Boost
> in general, so I'm asking :-)
> Ullrich Koethe wrote:
>>Of course, there are platforms where
>>installation is easy, but you want to be general.
> I only know of one platform where that is true, but essentially no one
> uses it any more. Which are you referring to? And what makes them "easy"?

Well, I should have said "relatively easy". I specifically refered to
platforms were binary installation is possible and can be expected to work
correctly with reasonable probability (some Linux variants?), as opposed
to platforms were all packages (including dependencies) must be compiled
from the sources (certainly all traditional Unixes, and Windows when a
particular configuration or compiler build is not available in binary form).

For what it's worth: VIGRA tries to provide basic functionality in a
number of areas simply to get you started (e.g. it can natively
import/export Windows BMP and a few other image formats, it has a simple
lambda library, basic linear algebra functions), but allows the ambitious
to use more sophisticated libraries when necessary (e.g. boost::lambda).


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