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From: Roland Schwarz (roland.schwarz_at_[hidden])
Date: 2006-10-21 09:47:56

I just tried a install of bbv1 and bbv2 on win2k
using the mingw toolset.
The cmd line for bbv1 was:
bjam -s"TOOLS=mingw-3_4_2" install
for bbv2:
bjam --v2 toolset=gcc-mgw3.4.2 install

(For bbv2 I put in user.config.jam:
  using gcc : mgw3.4.2 : C:\Mingw\bin\g++.exe ; )

I found the following differences:

Default install in bbv1 goes to
in bbv2 to

Generated libraries and naming is different:
E.g. for thread lib:
   269KB boost_thread-mgw34-mt.lib
   269KB boost_thread-mgw34-mt-1_34.lib
   337KB boost_thread-mgw34-mt-1_34.dll

   823KB boost_thread-mgw34-mt-d.lib
   823KB boost_thread-mgw34-mt-d-1_34.lib
4.905KB boost_thread-mgw34-mt-d-1_34.dll

   197KB libboost_thread-mgw34-mt.lib
   197KB libboost_thread-mgw34-mt-1_34.lib
9.258KB libboost_thread-mgw34-mt-d.lib
9.258KB libboost_thread-mgw34-mt-d-1_34.lib
   197KB libboost_thread-mgw34-mt-s.lib
   197KB libboost_thread-mgw34-mt-s-1_34.lib
9.258KB libboost_thread-mgw34-mt-sd.lib
9.258KB libboost_thread-mgw34-mt-sd-1_34.lib

   346KB boost_thread-gcc-mt-1_34.dll
4.901KB boost_thread-gcc-mt-gd-1_34.dll
   346KB boost_thread-gcc-mt-s-1_34.dll
4.901KB boost_thread-gcc-mt-sgd-1_34.dll

I also tried to use the lib files of bbv2.
They indeed work without having an import
lib available. (No import lib might be a
problem when trying to link from MSVC.
But then, since the name mangling is
different this might not be an issue,
since one wouldn't need to do this anyways.)

In bbv1 there is also an unversioned copy
of the import and static libs generated,
while in bbv2 there is none.

The compiler tag is different: gcc vs. mgw34.

No static libs for bbv2 (this might be due to
a wrong thread Jamfile.v2, I'll check this.)

Static libs are only generated for:
prg_exec_monitor, test_exec_monitor and
unit_test_framework. Also they end in *.a
instead of the expected *.lib. (But this might
still be corrct.)

I'd like to raise the question if library tagging
and set of generated libraries indeed should be
allowed to be so different between bbv1 and bbv2.

I also doubt that gcc name is sufficient without
a version and platform (cygwin / mingw).


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