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From: Lubomir Bourdev (lbourdev_at_[hidden])
Date: 2006-11-02 17:56:18

Hans Meine wrote:
> Actually, this sounds like a good idea from a users' POV, but
> as a VIGRA developer, it brings the bitter taste of
> submitting precious work results to a rival project... ;-}

Hi Hans,

We totally understand that feeling, and we can actually relate to it:
We have similar ownership feelings to overcome. If GIL is accepted into
Boost, we realize that we would lose some control over it and it would
no longer be "our GIL" but it would be a Boost component. It is, to a
significant degree, a matter of perception. We would like you to think
as submitting your work to the Boost community, not to a rival project.

We also believe that it is essential for contributers to be acknowledged
and rewarded for their work. We certainly don't want to take credit of
other people's precious work.

We see three levels of acknowledgement. These all apply regardless of
whether GIL is part of Boost:

- If you spend the time to study the library and provide valuable
suggestions, for example, as a result of an in-depth review, you will be
acknowledged in the acknowledgements section.
- If you provide material code contribution to a GIL extension library,
such as the image processing algorithms, and you are willing to help
maintaining it, you should join the author list for that extension.
- If you provide material code contribution to GIL core (say, about a
third or more of what is there), plus agree to provide on-going
maintenance, we would be happy to have you join us as a GIL author.

I understand these criteria are all subjective (how do you evaluate and
compare someone's effort and contribution!) but we will make a honest
and peer-supervised effort to strike the best balance between
acknowledging one's contributions and not diluting the contributions of
others. If at any point you feel we are not doing a good job, please
either post to the mailing list or email us privately.

As for renaming... we like the name GIL; it is short and it rhymes with
other libraries, like BGL, MPL, MTL, STL. I hope that what is more
important is that you perceive this as a Boost community effort, and
that you will be credited for your work.

We are excited about learning more about your Python library! Where can
we read more about it?

Lubomir & Hailin

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