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From: Chris Thomasson (cristom_at_[hidden])
Date: 2006-11-09 04:26:32

I have posted a couple parts of a paper that will show how to realize
strongly thread-safe construction and destruction of C++ objects on the fly,
in multi-threaded environment. The basic technique is fairly straightforward
IMHO. You can use a POD from a C API that can be made up of:

extern "C" {

  /*-- the following types/declarations, --*/

  typedef struct pod_s pod_t;
  typedef pod_t volatile podbase_t;
  typedef podbase_t *podbaseptr_t;
  typedef intword_t podref_t;
  typedef uintword_t podrefadj_t;

  static int pod_refadd(podbaseptr_t, podrefadj_t);
  static int pod_refsub(podbaseptr_t, podrefadj_t);

  /*-- a defeinition of the following pod_t --*/
  struct pod_s {
    podref_t count;
    void *state;

  /*-- which is staticaly initialized with ---*/
  #define PODINIT() {0, 0}

  /*-- and modified by --*/

  int pod_refadd(podbaseptr_t _this, podrefadj_t count) {
    return /* refcount add logic */;

  int pod_refsub(podbaseptr_t _this, podrefadj_t count) {
    return /* refcount sub logic */;


//-- as a static member of a static C++ template --

namespace static_pod {
  template<typename T>
  struct impl {
    static podbase_t s_thispodbase;

    //-- which only has to static API functions that --
    //-- operate on integer words and pointers --

    static T* acquire(impl<T>*, podrefadj_t);
    static T* release(impl<T>*, podrefadj_t);

  //-- to its static member and type as --

  template<typename T>
  podbase_t impl<T>::s_thispodbase = PODINIT();

  template<typename T>
  T* impl<T>::acquire(impl<T> *_this, podrefadj_t count) {

    //-- the parameters for the C API --
    int ret = pod_refadd(&impl<T>::s_thispodbase, count)

    //-- that tells us when to call into the--

    if (ret) {
      //-- constructor logic --
    return ...;

  template<typename T>
  void impl<T>::release(impl<T> *_this, podrefadj_t count) {
    int ret = pod_refsub(&impl<T>::s_thispodbase, count)
    if (ret) {

      //-- or destructor logic--
    return ...;


of C++ objects in a multi-threaded environment. I think I solved this one.
My paper will soon be updated with information on how to fully implement and
use my algorithm... I can't really think of another solution that can do
what this does... Humm... The paper I am working on will include
implementation details' for every aspect of the algorithm. It should updated
with a lot more information during the next week...

Any thoughts?

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