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From: John Maddock (john_at_[hidden])
Date: 2006-11-09 08:25:20

Johan Råde wrote:

> Let's see if you can break it!

OK, I can break it on HP aCC with:

maddock_at_td176> aCC -AA -Ofaster -I../ -I ~ *.cpp
maddock_at_td176> ./a.out
Testing float
Assertion failed: (fpclassify)(x) == FP_SUBNORMAL, file test.cpp, line 122
ABORT instruction (core dumped)

However the docs for -Ofaster do indicate that denorms don't work correctly,
so it may be that problem here :-)

g++ on HP-UX looks OK.

On Linux/IA64, with Intel C++ 9.1

maddock_at_[hidden]> icc -O3 -I.. -I ~ *.cpp -static
maddock_at_[hidden]> ./a.out
Testing float
a.out: test.cpp:139: void <unnamed>::test_basic() [with T = float]:
Assertion `(fpclassify)(x) == FP_SUBNORMAL' failed.

Intel on IA32 looks OK, though I didn't try very hard to break things :-)
And I couldn't find an AMD64 machine with Intel for EM64 installed to test

Regards, John.

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