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From: Rene Rivera (grafikrobot_at_[hidden])
Date: 2006-11-14 12:04:29

Boost Inspection Report
Run Date: 17:04:28 UTC, Tuesday 14 November 2006

An inspection program <>
checks each file in the current Boost CVS for various problems,
generating this as output. Problems detected include tabs in files,
missing copyrights, broken URL's, and similar misdemeanors.

  11423 files scanned
  891 directories scanned (including root)
  1265 problems reported

Problem counts:
  831 files missing Boost license info or having wrong reference text
  434 files missing copyright notice

  any (1)
  archive (1)
  array (1)
  assign (2)
  boost-root (4)
  boostbook (2)
  build (58)
  compatibility (2)
  concept_check (22)
  conversion (5)
  detail (4)
  disjoint_sets (2)
  doc (2)
  filesystem (2)
  format (8)
  function (1)
  functional (8)
  inspect (1)
  integer (9)
  iostreams (2)
  lambda (10)
  libs (6)
  logic (2)
  math (1)
  more (30)
  mpl (417)
  multi_array (13)
  numeric (198)
  optional (1)
  people (22)
  pool (30)
  program_options (35)
  property_map (15)
  ptr_container (111)
  python (6)
  quickbook (11)
  random (20)
  range (18)
  rational (5)
  regex (4)
  regression (64)
  release (2)
  serialization (16)
  smart_ptr (8)
  test (5)
  timer (1)
  tokenizer (9)
  tr1 (2)
  tuple (5)
  utility (19)
  variant (42)

  *L* missing Boost license info, or wrong reference text
  *C* missing copyright notice

    any.xml: *L*

    utf8_codecvt_facet.hpp: *L*

    array.xml: *L*

    style.css: *L*
    index.html: *L*

    README: *C*
    boost.css: *C* *L*
    rst.css: *L*

    fo.xsl: *C* *L*

    build-request.jam: *L*
    modifiers.jam: *L*
    Jamfile.v2: *C* *L*
    advanced.xml: *C* *L*
    architecture.xml: *C* *L*
    catalog.xml: *C* *L*
    extending.xml: *C* *L*
    faq.xml: *C* *L*
    howto.xml: *C* *L*
    install.xml: *C* *L*
    recipes.xml: *C* *L*
    reference.xml: *C* *L*
    standalone.xml: *C* *L*
    tutorial.xml: *C* *L*
    userman.xml: *C* *L*
    python_helpers.jam: *C* *L* *C* *L*
  tools/build/v2/test/ *C* *L* *L* *C* *L* *C* *L* *L* *L* *L*
    echo_args.jam: *C* *L*
    empty.jam: *C* *L* *L* *L* *L*
    Jamfile: *C* *L*
    readme.txt: *C* *L* *L* *L*
    test_system.html: *L*
    sun.jam: *L*
    xsltproc.jam: *L*

  libs/compatibility/ *L*
    index.html: *L*

    bibliography.htm: *L*
    concept_check.htm: *L*
    concept_covering.htm: *L*
    creating_concepts.htm: *L*
    Jamfile.v2: *C* *L*
    Assignable.xml: *L*
    BidirectionalIterator.xml: *L*
    CopyConstructible.xml: *L*
    DefaultConstructible.xml: *L*
    EqualityComparable.xml: *L*
    ForwardIterator.xml: *L*
    InputIterator.xml: *L*
    LessThanComparable.xml: *L*
    OutputIterator.xml: *L*
    RandomAccessIterator.xml: *L*
    SignedInteger.xml: *L*
    concepts.xml: *L*
    implementation.htm: *L*
    prog_with_concepts.htm: *L*
    reference.htm: *L*
    using_concept_check.htm: *L*

    cast.htm: *L*
    index.html: *C* *L*
    lexical_cast.htm: *L*
    Jamfile.v2: *L*

    algorithm.hpp: *L*
    endian.hpp: *L*
    limits.hpp: *L*
    utf8_codecvt_facet.hpp: *L*

    bibliography.html: *L*
    disjoint_sets.html: *L*

    reference.css: *C* *L*

    tr2_proposal.html: *L*
    utf8_codecvt_facet.hpp: *L*

    bench_format.cpp: *C*
    results.txt: *C* *L*
    choices.html: *L*
    format.html: *C*
    index.html: *C* *L*
    Jamfile.v2: *L*

  boost/function/detail/ *L*

    functional.hpp: *L*
    binders.html: *L*
    function_test.cpp: *L*
    function_traits.html: *L*
    index.html: *L*
    mem_fun.html: *L*
    negators.html: *L*
    ptr_fun.html: *L*

    Jamfile.v2: *L*

    cstdint.htm: *C* *L*
    integer_mask.html: *L*
    static_min_max.html: *L*
    index.html: *C* *L*
    integer.htm: *L*
    integer_traits.html: *C* *L*

    menu.html: *C*
    utf8_codecvt_facet.hpp: *L*

    Jamfile.v2: *C* *L*
    README: *C* *L*
    lambda_doc.xsl: *C* *L*
    lambda_doc_chunks.xsl: *C* *L*
    Makefile: *C* *L*

    expected_results.xml: *C* *L*
    maintainers.txt: *C* *L*
    platform_maintainers.txt: *C* *L*

    Jamfile.v2: *C* *L*

    common_factor_rt.hpp: *L*

    borland_cpp.html: *C* *L*
    count_bdy.htm: *L*
    discussion_policy.htm: *C*
    error_handling.html: *L*
    generic_exception_safety.html: *C* *L*
    generic_programming.html: *L*
    microsoft_vcpp.html: *C* *L*
    moderators.html: *C*
    regression.html: *C* *L*
    report-apr-2006.html: *C* *L*
    report-jan-2006.html: *C* *L*
    design.html: *L*
    index.html: *L*
    introduction.html: *L*
    structure.html: *L*
    acknowledgments.html: *L*
    bibliography.html: *L*
    configuration.html: *L*
    definitions.html: *L*
    faq.html: *L*
    header.html: *L*
    index.html: *L*
    overview.html: *L*
    rationale.html: *L*

    ASSERT.rst: *C* *L*
    ASSERT_MSG.rst: *C* *L*
    ASSERT_NOT.rst: *C* *L*
    ASSERT_RELATION.rst: *C* *L*
    Acknowledgements.rst: *C* *L*
    Algorithms-Iteration.rst: *C* *L*
    Algorithms-Querying.rst: *C* *L*
    Algorithms-Runtime.rst: *C* *L*
    Algorithms-Transformation.rst: *C* *L*
    Algorithms.rst: *C* *L*
    AssociativeSequence.rst: *C* *L*
    BackExtensibleSequence.rst: *C* *L*
    BidirectionalIterator.rst: *C* *L*
    BidirectionalSequence.rst: *C* *L*
    CFG_NO_HAS_XXX.rst: *C* *L*
    Categorized.rst: *C* *L*
    Data.rst: *C* *L*
    ExtensibleAssociativeSeq.rst: *C* *L*
    ExtensibleSequence.rst: *C* *L*
    ForwardIterator.rst: *C* *L*
    ForwardSequence.rst: *C* *L*
    FrontExtensibleSequence.rst: *C* *L*
    HAS_XXX_TRAIT_DEF.rst: *C* *L*
    Inserter.rst: *C* *L*
    IntegralConstant.rst: *C* *L*
    IntegralSequenceWrapper.rst: *C* *L*
    Iterators-Concepts.rst: *C* *L*
    Iterators-Metafunctions.rst: *C* *L*
    Iterators.rst: *C* *L*
    LIMIT_LIST_SIZE.rst: *C* *L*
    LIMIT_MAP_SIZE.rst: *C* *L*
    LIMIT_SET_SIZE.rst: *C* *L*
    LIMIT_UNROLLING.rst: *C* *L*
    LIMIT_VECTOR_SIZE.rst: *C* *L*
    LambdaExpression.rst: *C* *L*
    Macros-Asserts.rst: *C* *L*
    Macros-Configuration.rst: *C* *L*
    Macros.rst: *C* *L*
    Metafunction.rst: *C* *L*
    MetafunctionClass.rst: *C* *L*
    Metafunctions-Arithmetic.rst: *C* *L*
    Metafunctions-Bitwise.rst: *C* *L*
    Metafunctions-Comparisons.rst: *C* *L*
    Metafunctions-Composition.rst: *C* *L*
    Metafunctions-Conditional.rst: *C* *L*
    Metafunctions-Invocation.rst: *C* *L*
    Metafunctions-Logical.rst: *C* *L*
    Metafunctions-Trivial.rst: *C* *L*
    Metafunctions-Type.rst: *C* *L*
    Metafunctions.rst: *C* *L*
    NumericMetafunction.rst: *C* *L*
    PlaceholderExpression.rst: *C* *L*
    Placeholders.rst: *C* *L*
    RandomAccessIterator.rst: *C* *L*
    RandomAccessSequence.rst: *C* *L*
    ReversibleAlgorithm.rst: *C* *L*
    Sequences-Classes.rst: *C* *L*
    Sequences-Concepts.rst: *C* *L*
    Sequences-Intrinsic.rst: *C* *L*
    Sequences-Views.rst: *C* *L*
    Sequences.rst: *C* *L*
    TagDispatchedMetafunction.rst: *C* *L*
    TrivialMetafunction.rst: *C* *L*
    VariadicSequence.rst: *C* *L*
    accumulate.rst: *C* *L*
    advance.rst: *C* *L*
    always.rst: *C* *L*
    and_.rst: *C* *L*
    apply.rst: *C* *L*
    apply_wrap.rst: *C* *L*
    arg.rst: *C* *L*
    at.rst: *C* *L*
    at_c.rst: *C* *L*
    back.rst: *C* *L*
    back_inserter.rst: *C* *L*
    begin.rst: *C* *L*
    bind.rst: *C* *L*
    bitand_.rst: *C* *L*
    bitor_.rst: *C* *L*
    bitxor_.rst: *C* *L*
    bool_.rst: *C* *L*
    clear.rst: *C* *L*
    contains.rst: *C* *L*
    copy.rst: *C* *L*
    copy_if.rst: *C* *L*
    count.rst: *C* *L*
    count_if.rst: *C* *L*
    deque.rst: *C* *L*
    deref.rst: *C* *L*
    distance.rst: *C* *L*
    divides.rst: *C* *L*
    empty.rst: *C* *L*
    empty_base.rst: *C* *L*
    empty_sequence.rst: *C* *L*
    end.rst: *C* *L*
    equal.rst: *C* *L*
    equal_to.rst: *C* *L*
    erase.rst: *C* *L*
    erase_key.rst: *C* *L*
    eval_if.rst: *C* *L*
    eval_if_c.rst: *C* *L*
    filter_view.rst: *C* *L*
    find.rst: *C* *L*
    find_if.rst: *C* *L*
    fold.rst: *C* *L*
    for_each.rst: *C* *L*
    front.rst: *C* *L*
    front_inserter.rst: *C* *L*
    greater.rst: *C* *L*
    greater_equal.rst: *C* *L*
    has_key.rst: *C* *L*
    identity.rst: *C* *L*
    if_.rst: *C* *L*
    if_c.rst: *C* *L*
    inherit.rst: *C* *L*
    inherit_linearly.rst: *C* *L*
    insert.rst: *C* *L*
    insert_range.rst: *C* *L*
    inserter_.rst: *C* *L*
    int_.rst: *C* *L*
    integral_c.rst: *C* *L*
    is_sequence.rst: *C* *L*
    iter_fold.rst: *C* *L*
    iter_fold_if.rst: *C* *L*
    iterator_category.rst: *C* *L*
    iterator_range.rst: *C* *L*
    joint_view.rst: *C* *L*
    key_type.rst: *C* *L*
    lambda.rst: *C* *L*
    less.rst: *C* *L*
    less_equal.rst: *C* *L*
    list.rst: *C* *L*
    list_c.rst: *C* *L*
    long_.rst: *C* *L*
    lower_bound.rst: *C* *L*
    map.rst: *C* *L*
    max.rst: *C* *L*
    max_element.rst: *C* *L*
    min.rst: *C* *L*
    min_element.rst: *C* *L*
    minus.rst: *C* *L*
    modulus.rst: *C* *L*
    multiplies.rst: *C* *L*
    negate.rst: *C* *L*
    next.rst: *C* *L*
    not_.rst: *C* *L*
    not_equal_to.rst: *C* *L*
    numeric_cast.rst: *C* *L*
    or_.rst: *C* *L*
    order.rst: *C* *L*
    pair.rst: *C* *L*
    partition.rst: *C* *L*
    plus.rst: *C* *L*
    pop_back.rst: *C* *L*
    pop_front.rst: *C* *L*
    preface.rst: *C* *L*
    prior.rst: *C* *L*
    protect.rst: *C* *L*
    push_back.rst: *C* *L*
    push_front.rst: *C* *L*
    quote.rst: *C* *L*
    range_c.rst: *C* *L* *C* *L*
    remove.rst: *C* *L*
    remove_if.rst: *C* *L*
    replace.rst: *C* *L*
    replace_if.rst: *C* *L*
    reverse.rst: *C* *L*
    reverse_copy.rst: *C* *L*
    reverse_copy_if.rst: *C* *L*
    reverse_fold.rst: *C* *L*
    reverse_iter_fold.rst: *C* *L*
    reverse_partition.rst: *C* *L*
    reverse_remove.rst: *C* *L*
    reverse_remove_if.rst: *C* *L*
    reverse_replace.rst: *C* *L*
    reverse_replace_if.rst: *C* *L*
    reverse_stable_partition.rst: *C* *L*
    reverse_transform.rst: *C* *L*
    reverse_unique.rst: *C* *L*
    sequence_tag.rst: *C* *L*
    set.rst: *C* *L*
    set_c.rst: *C* *L*
    shift_left.rst: *C* *L*
    shift_right.rst: *C* *L*
    single_view.rst: *C* *L*
    size.rst: *C* *L*
    size_t.rst: *C* *L*
    sizeof_.rst: *C* *L*
    sort.rst: *C* *L*
    stable_partition.rst: *C* *L*
    terminology.rst: *C* *L*
    times.rst: *C* *L*
    transform.rst: *C* *L*
    transform_view.rst: *C* *L*
    unique.rst: *C* *L*
    unpack_args.rst: *C* *L*
    upper_bound.rst: *C* *L*
    value_type.rst: *C* *L*
    vector.rst: *C* *L*
    vector_c.rst: *C* *L*
    void_.rst: *C* *L*
    zip_view.rst: *C* *L*
    style.css: *L*
    Jamfile.v2: *C* *L*

    iterator_categories.html: *C* *L*
    reference.html: *L*
    MultiArray.xml: *C* *L*
    const_multi_array_ref.xml: *C* *L*
    multi_array.xml: *C* *L*
    multi_array_ref.xml: *C* *L*
    reference.xml: *L*
    Jamfile.v2: *L*

    banded.hpp: *L*
    blas.hpp: *L*
    concepts.hpp: *L*
    config.hpp: *L*
    definitions.hpp: *L*
    documentation.hpp: *L*
    duff.hpp: *L*
    iterator.hpp: *L*
    matrix_assign.hpp: *L*
    raw.hpp: *L*
    temporary.hpp: *L*
    vector_assign.hpp: *L*
    exception.hpp: *L*
    expression_types.hpp: *L*
    functional.hpp: *L*
    fwd.hpp: *L*
    hermitian.hpp: *L*
    io.hpp: *L*
    lu.hpp: *L*
    matrix.hpp: *L*
    matrix_expression.hpp: *L*
    matrix_proxy.hpp: *L*
    matrix_sparse.hpp: *L*
    operation.hpp: *L*
    operation_blocked.hpp: *L*
    operation_sparse.hpp: *L*
    storage.hpp: *L*
    storage_sparse.hpp: *L*
    symmetric.hpp: *L*
    traits.hpp: *L*
    triangular.hpp: *L*
    vector.hpp: *L*
    vector_expression.hpp: *L*
    vector_of_vector.hpp: *L*
    vector_proxy.hpp: *L*
    vector_sparse.hpp: *L*
    Jamfile.v2: *C* *L*
    test_helpers.cpp: *C*
    test_helpers2.cpp: *C*
    test_helpers3.cpp: *C*
    traits_test.cpp: *C*
    udt_example_0.cpp: *C*
    udt_support_test.cpp: *C*
    checking.htm: *L*
    comparisons.htm: *L*
    examples.htm: *L*
    guide.htm: *L*
    includes.htm: *L*
    interval.htm: *L*
    numbers.htm: *L*
    policies.htm: *L*
    rounding.htm: *L*
    todo.htm: *L*
    bench1.cpp: *L*
    bench1.hpp: *L*
    bench11.cpp: *L*
    bench12.cpp: *L*
    bench13.cpp: *L*
    bench2.cpp: *L*
    bench2.hpp: *L*
    bench21.cpp: *L*
    bench22.cpp: *L*
    bench23.cpp: *L*
    bench3.cpp: *L*
    bench3.hpp: *L*
    bench31.cpp: *L*
    bench32.cpp: *L*
    bench33.cpp: *L*
    bench4.cpp: *L*
    bench41.cpp: *L*
    bench42.cpp: *L*
    bench43.cpp: *L*
    Release_notes.txt: *C* *L*
    array_adaptor.htm: *C* *L*
    banded.htm: *L*
    blas.htm: *L*
    bounded_array.htm: *C* *L*
    container_concept.htm: *L*
    doxygen.css: *C* *L*
    expression_concept.htm: *L*
    hermitian.htm: *L*
    index.htm: *L*
    iterator_concept.htm: *L*
    matrix.htm: *L*
    matrix_expression.htm: *L*
    matrix_proxy.htm: *L*
    matrix_sparse.htm: *L*
    operations_overview.htm: *L*
    overview.htm: *L*
    products.htm: *L*
    range.htm: *C* *L*
    banded_adaptor.cpp: *L*
    banded_matrix.cpp: *L*
    bounded_array.cpp: *L*
    compressed_matrix.cpp: *L*
    compressed_vector.cpp: *L*
    coordinate_matrix.cpp: *L*
    coordinate_vector.cpp: *L*
    hermitian_adaptor.cpp: *L*
    hermitian_matrix.cpp: *L*
    identity_matrix.cpp: *L*
    map_array.cpp: *L*
    mapped_matrix.cpp: *L*
    mapped_vector.cpp: *L*
    matrix.cpp: *L*
    matrix_binary.cpp: *L*
    matrix_binary_scalar.cpp: *L*
    matrix_column.cpp: *L*
    matrix_column_project.cpp: *L*
    matrix_matrix_binary.cpp: *L*
    matrix_matrix_solve.cpp: *L*
    matrix_range.cpp: *L*
    matrix_range_project.cpp: *L*
    matrix_row.cpp: *L*
    matrix_row_project.cpp: *L*
    matrix_slice.cpp: *L*
    matrix_slice_project.cpp: *L*
    matrix_unary.cpp: *L*
    matrix_vector_binary.cpp: *L*
    matrix_vector_range.cpp: *L*
    matrix_vector_slice.cpp: *L*
    matrix_vector_solve.cpp: *L*
    range.cpp: *L*
    slice.cpp: *L*
    symmetric_adaptor.cpp: *L*
    symmetric_matrix.cpp: *L*
    triangular_adaptor.cpp: *L*
    triangular_matrix.cpp: *L*
    unbounded_array.cpp: *L*
    unit_vector.cpp: *L*
    vector.cpp: *L*
    vector_binary.cpp: *L*
    vector_binary_outer.cpp: *L*
    vector_binary_redux.cpp: *L*
    vector_binary_scalar.cpp: *L*
    vector_range.cpp: *L*
    vector_range_project.cpp: *L*
    vector_slice.cpp: *L*
    vector_slice_project.cpp: *L*
    vector_unary.cpp: *L*
    vector_unary_redux.cpp: *L*
    zero_matrix.cpp: *L*
    zero_vector.cpp: *L*
    storage_concept.htm: *C* *L*
    storage_sparse.htm: *L*
    symmetric.htm: *L*
    triangular.htm: *L*
    types_overview.htm: *L*
    ublas.css: *C* *L*
    unbounded_array.htm: *C* *L*
    vector.htm: *L*
    vector_expression.htm: *L*
    vector_proxy.htm: *L*
    vector_sparse.htm: *L*
    README: *C* *L*
    concepts.cpp: *L*
    test1.cpp: *L*
    test1.hpp: *L*
    test11.cpp: *L*
    test12.cpp: *L*
    test13.cpp: *L*
    test2.cpp: *L*
    test2.hpp: *L*
    test21.cpp: *L*
    test22.cpp: *L*
    test23.cpp: *L*
    test3.cpp: *L*
    test3.hpp: *L*
    test31.cpp: *L*
    test32.cpp: *L*
    test33.cpp: *L*
    test4.cpp: *L*
    test4.hpp: *L*
    test42.cpp: *L*
    test43.cpp: *L*
    test5.cpp: *L*
    test5.hpp: *L*
    test52.cpp: *L*
    test53.cpp: *L*
    test6.cpp: *L*
    test6.hpp: *L*
    test62.cpp: *L*
    test63.cpp: *L*
    test7.cpp: *L*
    test7.hpp: *L*
    test71.cpp: *L*
    test72.cpp: *L*
    test73.cpp: *L*

    Jamfile.v2: *L*

    darin_adler.htm: *C* *L*
    dietmar_kuehl.htm: *C* *L*
    ed_brey.htm: *C* *L*
    gennadiy_rozental.htm: *C* *L*
    joaquin_lopez.htm: *C* *L*
    jonathan_turkanis.htm: *C* *L*
    mark_rodgers.htm: *C* *L*
    mat_marcus.htm: *C* *L*
    paul_moore.htm: *C* *L*
    ronald_garcia.htm: *C* *L*
    vesa_karvonen.htm: *C* *L*

    pool_construct.bat: *L* *L*
    pool_construct_simple.bat: *L* *L*
    TODO.txt: *C* *L*
    concepts.html: *L*
    copyright.html: *L*
    alignment.html: *L*
    ct_gcd_lcm.html: *L*
    for.html: *L*
    gcd_lcm.html: *L*
    guard.html: *L*
    mutex.html: *L*
    object_pool.html: *L*
    pool.html: *L*
    pool_alloc.html: *L*
    pool_construct.html: *L*
    simple_segregated_storage.html: *L*
    singleton.html: *L*
    singleton_pool.html: *L*
    index.html: *L*
    interfaces.html: *L*
    object_pool.html: *L*
    pool.html: *L*
    pool_alloc.html: *L*
    simple_segregated_storage.html: *L*
    singleton_pool.html: *L*
    user_allocator.html: *L*
    pool.css: *L*

    utf8_codecvt_facet.hpp: *L*
    Jamfile.v2: *C* *L*
    Jamfile.v2: *C* *L*
    acknowledgements.xml: *C* *L*
    changes.xml: *C* *L*
    design.xml: *C* *L*
    glossary.xml: *C* *L*
    howto.xml: *C* *L*
    overview.xml: *C* *L*
    post_review_plan.txt: *C* *L*
    todo.txt: *C* *L*
    tutorial.xml: *C* *L*
    Jamfile.v2: *C* *L*
    Jamfile.v2: *C* *L* *C* *L*
    ucs2.txt: *C* *L*
    utf8.txt: *C* *L* *C* *L*

    LvaluePropertyMap.html: *L*
    ReadWritePropertyMap.html: *L*
    ReadablePropertyMap.html: *L*
    WritablePropertyMap.html: *L*
    associative_property_map.html: *L*
    const_assoc_property_map.html: *L*
    dynamic_property_map.html: *C* *L*
    dynamic_property_map.rst: *C* *L*
    example2.cpp: *L*
    identity_property_map.html: *L*
    iterator_property_map.html: *L*
    property_map.html: *L*
    vector_property_map.html: *L*

    Jamfile.v2: *C* *L*
    associative_ptr_container.html: *L*
    associative_ptr_container.rst: *L* *C* *L* *C* *L* *C* *L* *C* *L* *C* *L* *C* *L* *C* *L* *C* *L* *C* *L* *C* *L* *C* *L* *C* *L* *C* *L* *C* *L* *C* *L* *C* *L* *C* *L* *C* *L* *C* *L* *C* *L* *C* *L* *C* *L* *C* *L* *C* *L* *C* *L* *C* *L*
    conventions.html: *L*
    conventions.rst: *L*
    default.css: *L*
    examples.rst: *L*
    faq.html: *L*
    faq.rst: *L*
    guidelines.html: *L*
    guidelines.rst: *L*
    headers.html: *L*
    headers.rst: *L*
    indirect_fun.html: *L*
    indirect_fun.rst: *L*
    intro.xml: *C* *L*
    ptr_array.html: *L*
    ptr_array.rst: *L*
    ptr_container.xml: *L*
    ptr_deque.html: *L*
    ptr_deque.rst: *L*
    ptr_list.html: *L*
    ptr_list.rst: *L*
    ptr_map.html: *L*
    ptr_map.rst: *L*
    ptr_map_adapter.html: *L*
    ptr_map_adapter.rst: *L*
    ptr_multimap.html: *L*
    ptr_multimap.rst: *L*
    ptr_multimap_adapter.html: *L*
    ptr_multimap_adapter.rst: *L*
    ptr_multiset.html: *L*
    ptr_multiset.rst: *L*
    ptr_multiset_adapter.html: *L*
    ptr_multiset_adapter.rst: *L*
    ptr_sequence_adapter.html: *L*
    ptr_sequence_adapter.rst: *L*
    ptr_set.html: *L*
    ptr_set.rst: *L*
    ptr_set_adapter.html: *L*
    ptr_set_adapter.rst: *L*
    ptr_vector.html: *L*
    ptr_vector.rst: *L*
    reference.html: *L*
    reference.rst: *L*
    reversible_ptr_container.html: *L*
    reversible_ptr_container.rst: *L*
    style.css: *C* *L*
    todo.txt: *C* *L*
    tutorial.html: *L*
    tutorial.rst: *L*
    Jamfile.v2: *C* *L*
    sequence_point.cpp: *C* *L*

    internals.html: *L*
    internals.rst: *L*
    operators_wrapper.cpp: *C* *L* *C* *L*

    Jamfile.v2: *C* *L*
    change_log.html: *L*
    intro.html: *L*
    ref.html: *L*
    syntax.html: *L*
    block.html: *L*
    comments.html: *L*
    phrase.html: *L*
    index.html: *C* *L*

    index.html: *C* *L*
    nondet_random.html: *C* *L*
    random-concepts.html: *C* *L*
    random-distributions.html: *C* *L*
    random-generators.html: *C* *L*
    random-misc.html: *C* *L*
    random-performance.html: *C* *L*
    random-variate.html: *C* *L*
    Jamfile.v2: *C* *L*
    wg21-proposal.html: *C* *L*

    boost_range.html: *L*
    example.cpp: *C* *L*
    examples.html: *L*
    faq.html: *L*
    headers.html: *L*
    history_ack.html: *L*
    intro.html: *L*
    portability.html: *L*
    range.html: *L*
    style.css: *C* *L*
    style.html: *L*
    utility_class.html: *L*
    TODO: *C* *L*
    compat1.cpp: *C* *L*

    rational.hpp: *L*
    index.html: *L*
    rational.html: *L*
    rational_example.cpp: *L*
    rational_test.cpp: *L*

    gcc-shared.mak: *C* *L*
    input_script.txt: *C* *L*

    Jamfile.v2: *C* *L*
    tiny_xml_test.txt: *C* *L*
    index.htm: *C* *L* *C* *L*
    test.bat: *C* *L*
    empty_expected_results.xml: *C* *L*
  tools/regression/xsl_reports/runner/ *C* *L*
    default.css: *L*
    instructions.html: *L*
    instructions.rst: *C* *L*
  tools/regression/xsl_reports/test/ *C* *L*
    expected_results.xml: *C* *L* *C* *L* *C* *L*
    restrict_to_library.xsl: *C* *L* *C* *L* *C* *L* *C* *L* *C* *L*
    test_results.xsd: *C* *L*
  tools/regression/xsl_reports/utils/ *C* *L* *C* *L* *C* *L* *C* *L* *C* *L* *C* *L* *C* *L* *C* *L* *C* *L* *C* *L* *C* *L* *C* *L*
    expected_to_1_33_format.xsl: *C* *L*

  tools/release/ *C* *L*

    style.css: *C* *L*
    demo_output.txt: *C* *L*
    demo_save.xml: *C* *L*
    demofile.txt: *C* *L*
    run_archive_test.bat: *C* *L*
    runtest.bat: *C* *L* *C* *L*
    readme.txt: *C* *L*

    compatibility.htm: *L*
    scoped_array.htm: *L*
    scoped_ptr.htm: *L*
    shared_array.htm: *L*
    shared_ptr.htm: *L*
    smart_ptr.htm: *L*
    smarttests.htm: *L*
    weak_ptr.htm: *L*

    argument_value_usage.hpp: *L*
    unit_test_example_01.cpp: *C* *L*
    run_bjam.bat: *C* *L*

    timer.htm: *L*

    char_delimiters_separator.htm: *L*
    char_separator.htm: *L*
    escaped_list_separator.htm: *L*
    index.html: *L*
    introduc.htm: *L*
    offset_separator.htm: *L*
    token_iterator.htm: *L*
    tokenizer.htm: *L*
    tokenizerfunction.htm: *L*

    tuple.hpp: *C* *L*

    design_decisions_rationale.html: *L*
    tuple_advanced_interface.html: *L*
    tuple_users_guide.html: *L*
    README: *C* *L*

    shared_container_iterator.hpp: *L*
    Assignable.html: *L*
    Collection.html: *L*
    CopyConstructible.html: *L*
    LessThanComparable.html: *L*
    MultiPassInputIterator.html: *L*
    OptionalPointee.html: *L*
    call_traits.htm: *L*
    compressed_pair.htm: *L*
    enable_if.html: *L*
    generator_iterator.htm: *C* *L*
    Jamfile.v2: *L*
    utility.htm: *L*
    value_init.htm: *L*
    value_init_test.cpp: *C*
    value_init_test_fail1.cpp: *C*
    value_init_test_fail2.cpp: *C*
    value_init_test_fail3.cpp: *C*

    Jamfile.v2: *C* *L*
    biblio.xml: *C* *L*
    design.xml: *C* *L*
    introduction.xml: *C* *L*
    misc.xml: *C* *L*
    apply_visitor.xml: *C* *L*
    bad_visit.xml: *C* *L*
    concepts.xml: *C* *L*
    get.xml: *C* *L*
    recursive_variant.xml: *C* *L*
    recursive_wrapper.xml: *C* *L*
    reference.xml: *C* *L*
    static_visitor.xml: *C* *L*
    variant.xml: *C* *L*
    variant_fwd.xml: *C* *L*
    visitor_ptr.xml: *C* *L*
    advanced.xml: *C* *L*
    basic.xml: *C* *L*
    tutorial.xml: *C* *L*
    variant.xml: *L*
    index.html: *C* *L*
    Jamfile.v2: *L*

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