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From: Chris Thomasson (cristom_at_[hidden])
Date: 2006-11-19 20:01:25

"Roland Schwarz" <roland.schwarz_at_[hidden]> wrote in message
> Despite the obvious interest in lock free algorithms,
> we still have no atomic ops library in boost.

> I attach the prototype, which currently is for 32bit
> MSVC. I am planning to add support for gcc soon.
> I would be very glad if this would trigger some
> further development and fruitful discussions, which
> eventually will lead into creation of such a library.

Your missing a very important constraint, IMHO... You have no support for
loads with data-dependencies':

So your constraints should look something like this:

    enum ordering_constraint {raw, acquire, acquire_depends, release,

I would personally do something like this:

namespace atomic {
  template<typename T> struct type;

  namespace mb {
    enum flags_e {
      storeload = 0x1,
      loadstore = 0x2,
      loadload = 0x4,
      storestore = 0x8,
      depends = 0x10,

  namespace meta {
    template<typename T, signed T_mb_flags> struct atomic_cas_op;
    // other atomic ops...

    // explicit specialize cas for all combinations of mb::flags_e
    // ..., ...

  template<typename T>
  struct type {
    // atomic cas
    template<signed T_mb_flags>
    static bool cas(T volatile &dest, T const &cmp, T const &xchg) throw() {
      typedef meta::atomic_cas_op<T, T_mb_flags> cas_t;
      return cas_t::(dest, cmp, xchg);

    // other atomic ops..., ...

// usage
static T s_val = 0;
typedef atomic::type<T> atomic_t;

void fooinc_acquire(...) {
  do {
    T cmp = s_val;
  } while(atomic_t::cas<
       atomic::mb::storeload |
>(s_val, cmp, cmp + 1));

I guess I should prototype this or something...Humm...

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