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From: Christopher Kohlhoff (chris_at_[hidden])
Date: 2006-11-23 17:15:19

berserker_r wrote:
> I made the test with the CVS version of boost and I still fall in the
> problem that I have reported some days ago :(
> Btw I think that a bug in the Windows API GetQueuedCompletionStatus sounds
> very strange to me because I think that implementations like this one are
> very common or I'm wrong?

Well in your case the long running operation isn't CPU bound since it
calls Sleep(). That's why I asked about it early on in this discussion,
because the only way I could reproduce the behaviour was to make it CPU
bound (e.g. an infinite loop "while (true) ;").

Anyway, you have a bug in your program which is probably not related to
your problem:

> std::string generate_response()
> {
> Sleep(10000); // It takes a lot of time to say Hello :)
> static int counter = 0;
> counter++;
> std::stringstream stream;
> stream << "<html><body><h2>Hello " << counter << "</h2></body></html>";
> return stream.str();
> }
> void read_handler(const boost::system::error_code &e, size_t
> bytes_transferred)
> {
> if(!e)
> {
> boost::asio::async_write(m_socket,
> boost::asio::buffer(generate_response()),
> boost::bind(&Session::write_handler, this, _1, _2));
> }
> }

The string returned by generate_response() goes out of scope before the
asynchronous operation completes. The simplest way to fix it would be to
add a std::string data member to the Session class and change
read_handler to look like this:

   void read_handler(const asio::error_code &e,
       size_t bytes_transferred)
       m_message = generate_response();
       boost::asio::async_write(m_socket, asio::buffer(m_message),
           boost::bind(&Session::write_handler, this, _1, _2));

I fixed this in my copy before trying it, and I am unable to reproduce
the problem you described before. The subsequent accept operation works
just fine. Can you please send step-by-step instructions for how you
reproduce it with this program and exactly what behaviour you see, thanks.


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