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From: Daryle Walker (darylew_at_[hidden])
Date: 2006-11-24 17:11:21

On 11/23/06 3:18 AM, "Vladimir Prus" <ghost_at_[hidden]> wrote:

> Douglas Gregor wrote:
>> |math|
>> common_factor_test: borland-5.8.2 cw-9.4 darwin-4.0.1
>> gcc-3.2.3_linux gcc-3.3.6 gcc-3.3.6_linux gcc-3.4.4 gcc-3.4.5_linux
>> gcc-3.4.5_linux_x86_64 gcc-4.0.3_linux gcc-4.1.0_linux
>> gcc-4.1.0_linux_x86_64 gcc-4.1.1_sunos_i86pc hp_cxx-71_006_tru64
>> intel-linux-9.0 intel-vc71-win-9.1 intel-vc8-win-9.1 msvc-6.5
>> msvc-7.0 msvc-7.1 msvc-7.1 msvc-8.0 msvc-8.0 qcc-3.3.5_cpp
>> qcc-3.3.5_gpp sun-5.8
> This test works fine on HEAD, but fails on RC branch. It's apparently caused
> by the fact that on HEAD, the test has:
> #define BOOST_TEST_MAIN "Boost.Math GCD & LCM unit tests"
> whereas on RC, it does not. In fact, delta from 1.4 to 1.8 of that file was
> never merged to RC.
> I've just merged and committed, assuming it's oversight. Test now works for
> me locally.

I don't know how to use branches, let alone how to cross-pollinate code
between them. And I heard that messing up such operations is VERY bad.

The bigger reason is that I've done changes on the HEAD that are more than
bug fixes, which shouldn't happen as we are wrapping up 1.34. The biggest
change to that library is adding the binary-Euclidean GCD algorithm for the
built-in integer types. The biggest changes to the test file are switching
to Boost.Test's unit-test system and explicitly checking numeric_limits
compatibility. I noticed that only the test file was merged into the 1.34
branch, and the changed header file wasn't, which I guess only approaches
the "bug-fixes only" line but doesn't cross it. Fortunately the new test
file was still compatible with the old header file!

On a related note, shouldn't the static-GCD class tests be compile-time
tests, instead of run-time tests? How would I change that? I guess I would
need to separate the code for the run-time and compile-time to separate
files then mess around with the Boost.Build/Jam settings? (I have no idea
how to create a compile-time test, or even what testing regimen Boost
currently uses for that.)

Daryle Walker
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