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From: Kevin Sopp (baraclese_at_[hidden])
Date: 2006-11-25 19:21:00

On 11/20/06, Roland Schwarz <roland.schwarz_at_[hidden]> wrote:
> Al though a question:
> The instructions do not tell how I would select the mingw compiler.
> Is this supposed to be automatic?
> What will happen if there is cygwin and mingw installed?

Hi all,
I just did a build of some libraries I needed off the cvs and used the new
guide without having read this thread.
Like Roland I use mingw. I was slightly confused that there was no mingw
toolset mentioned any more and thought
that maybe just passing gcc as toolset will do. However as it turns out I
need to pass 'gcc-mingw' as toolset
and I have to use the MSYS commandline to get rid of the warnings about
'unable to construct ./stage-unversioned'.
Possibly auto detection of the gcc compiler doesn't work because of missing
PATH environment parameters on my end.
Maybe it works inside MSYS I haven't tried that after gcc-mingw did the job.

I would like to see an example in the guide about how to specify build
variants. This was mentioned in the old guide
but was forgotten in the new one.

The ABI tag 'g' is mentioned in the guide but it is not explained how to
build such a variant of a library? I'm trying to
figure this one out right now as I need it.

I first did a staged build and then I did an install with the same options.
I already had an install of the header files
sitting in my prefix directory so that only the new libraries and a few
updated headers needed to be copied over.
For this operation bjam used up all my
memory and then the os started swapping on the harddisk slowing the
whole thing down even more and it didn't tell me what was going on so that I
feared that it went into an infinite loop.
I was glad once it was done.
I just noticed bjam --help-all behaves in a similar way.


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