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From: Paul A Bristow (pbristow_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-01-17 13:24:14


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>Matthias Schabel wrote:
>> The rationale for this approach is that a
>> kilometer in the MKS system really is 1000 meters, just as a
>> is 2^10 bytes...
>Poking my head into the discussion with a completely offtopic comment:
>This is "incorrect" as a matter of standards and clear communication.
>kilo = 10^3 in the MKS (SI) system, never ever 1024. The IEEE
>recommends a list of "binary prefixes" (IEC 60027-2/IEEE 1541) for
>computer usage. For instance, "Kibi" for 1024, with prefix Ki.
>Similarly for Mebi, Gibi, etc. I heartily recommend this practice for
>reduction of ambiguity, and I note that it is (very) slowly
>catching on
>around the Net. It's also the subject of a legal standardization
>process in the EU (prEN 60027-2:2006)
>Of course, this has no bearing on the library under discussion ...

On the contrary, doesn't the proposed library promise to make it easy to include this as an additional system of units and
abbreviations? The ease of use might encourage use of this sensible standard?


PS Not that I am suggesting Matthias should do it now ;-)

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