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From: Dean Michael Berris (mikhailberis_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-02-01 13:46:38

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Hi Everyone,

I've just recently decided to ask for comments (again) about the BDD
interface I had been developing (on and off for the last few months). I
recently picked it up again, and basing from the comments on the
previous thread at there's still quite mixed
reactions about BDD as an alternative to the Unit Test construct.

That being said, that discussion is a good 4 months ago, and would like
to ask the following questions to those who might be interested in
something like this:

 * What degree of integration with Boost.Test be "suitable"? Though I
see Boost.Test has a wealth of preprocessor macro's going about, it
shouldn't be hard to integrate at that level.

 * What things would you like to see as part of the specification
toolkit? I'm planning to put in string Regex matching support, integral
type inspection (divisible by, is prime, is even/odd, etc.), and maybe
pointer inspection (is null, is not null, is of type, derives from,
etc.) and STL collection inspection. Input would be most appreciated.

 * Will a code generator (or specification file processor) be a useful
addition? One which creates BDD implementations from "simple english" or
using a simple specification language (a DSL)?

I've re-read through the thread a few months back, and I guess the idea
is "yes, it's interesting... but..." and I intend to explore the reasons
for the apprehension.

I've tagged release 0.1 using the git scm tool and the public (readonly)
tree is available at -- while
tarballs (.gz|.bz2) are available at .

I'd also like to make my intentions clear, I am developing this library
for future review and (hopefully) inclusion into the Boost C++ Library
- -- though of course, I still need to see what the community thinks about
it first.

Thanks in advance!

- --
Dean Michael C. Berris
mikhailberis AT gmail DOT com
+63 928 7291459
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