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From: Fernando Cacciola (fernando_cacciola_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-03-07 12:12:29

Fernando Cacciola wrote:

> Anyway, here's the diff:
I attached it here, as unified diff.


Just bear with me...

That my changes broke the release just now and that I still couldn't tested
it on gcc doesn't surprise me: for the last two months problems are trying
to set a new record on me.

For once I haven't got paid yet. The person that usually do that, by the 1st
or 2nd every month, apparently went out of town, but forgot to send me the

Two months ago I made a silly (from my POV) mistake with one of my credit
cards, but which resulted in the bank cancelling the CC and withdrawing at
once all debt, including future debt from future payments, and, to
compensate mistake by mistake, even some additional money, more than I
actually owed. I spent 20 days shouting everyone out in the bank to get the
excedent back, which I finally got last week.

But that's not all. I'm moving to a bigger house, and 24 days ago I put some
money to "reserve" it, money that is due 30 days later (that's 6 days from
now). Then I called my accountant to have the paperwork ready for the new
morgage, but then he said he couldn't do that because of some delay on
behalf of the tax office (the big burocratic engine called goverment). Yet
he have been telling me, since mid last year, that he will have them ready
right on request (and he have been charging me for that month after month).
As of today, I'm still waiting for that paperwork.

And not to mention that on March 1st I got yet another code freeze for
another project.



begin 666 optional.hpp.diff
M+2TM(&]P=&EO;F%L7V]L9"YH<' )5&AU($UA<B P,2 R,#HP,CHT-R R,# W
M#0HK*RL@;W!T:6]N86PN:'!P"5=E9"!-87(@,#<@,3,Z,C_at_Z,#8@,C P-PT*
M0$ @+3<V+#8@*S<V+#$Y($! #0H@(V1E9FEN92!"3T]35%]/4%1)3TY!3%]7
M14%+7T]615),3T%$7U)%4T],551)3TX-"B C96YD:68-"B -"BLO+R!$86YI
M=&EO;F%L7V1E=&%I; T**WL-"BL@('1E;7!L871E(#QC;&%S<R!4+"!C;&%S
M<R!&86-T;W)Y/@T**R @=F]I9"!C;VYS=')U8W0H1F%C=&]R>2!C;VYS="8@
M9F%C=&]R>2P@=F]I9"H_at_861D<F5S<RD-"BL@('L-"BL@(" @9F%C=&]R>2Y"
M#0HK?0T**PT*( T*(&YA;65S<&%C92!B;V]S="![#0H@#0I 0" M,S Y+#<@
M*S,R,BPW($! #0H@(" @('9O:60_at_8V]N<W1R=6-T("@@17AP<B!C;VYS="8@
M9F%C=&]R>2P@:6Y?<&QA8V5?9F%C=&]R>5]B87-E(&-O;G-T*B I#0H@(" @
M("![#0H@(" @(" @($)/3U-47U-4051)0U]!4U-%4E0@*" Z.F)O;W-T.CIM
M+2 @(" @("!F86-T;W)Y+D)/3U-47TY%4U1%1%]414U03$%412!A<'!L>3QV
M86QU95]T>7!E/BAM7W-T;W)A9V4N861D<F5S<R_at_I*2 [#0HK(" @(" @(&)O
M8W1O<GDL(&U?<W1O<F%G92YA9&1R97-S*"DI.PT*(" @(" @("!M7VEN:71I
=86QI>F5D(#T@=')U92 [#0H@(" @("!]#0H@#0H`

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