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From: Jake Voytko (jakevoytko_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-04-03 16:03:13


I'm in the application process for Summer of Code 2007 and put
together a rapid prototype of the concept. So while I've begun work on
the idea, it's in its infancy. If you'd like to see the prototype
code, I can post it to the Sandbox Vault or provide a link. However,
since it's still in the design/redesign stages, feel free to make
suggestions for features you'd like to see!

Features I intend to add include labels of data points, smart drawing
+ labeling of axis intervals, the ability to include a least-squares
regression with the data, ability to highlight or label min/max
values. Right now it only supports vector<double>, which was used to
iron out the interface, but will quickly be changed to support
iterators for generic STL containers, much as <algorithm> functions
do. As long as the user provides a pointer to a function to convert an
object to a floating point value, they will be able to graph any
container of any object.

As a reference, the current prototype's capabilities are indicated in
the following .svg file. This shows a graph of the functions f(x) =
.5x and f(x) = x^2 graphed from -10<=x<=10. This is not the nicest
"window" with which to view it, but it demonstrates that the user can
change it at his/her whim.

So you should not have to wait much past the summer for a working
version of this program!

On 4/3/07, Matt Doyle <mdoyle_at_[hidden]> wrote:
> > [mailto:boost-bounces_at_[hidden]] On Behalf Of Jake Voytko
> > The C++/STL library does not provide a quick and easy way for a
> > visualization of numerical data to occur, and neither does Boost. I
> > propose writing a minimal SVG class that can write in the SVG
> > (Scalable Vector Graphics) format along with helper functions to help
> > users visualize data stored in arrays as well as common STL
> > containers. There will also be a subclass, svg_graph, that acts as a
> > user interface for the graph data. The user will be able to customize
> > how they would like the graph to be styled, and the data to be
> > displayed. Since the SVG format is recognized by all major browsers,
> > these could easily be incorporated with Boost documentation in place
> > of .jpg or .gif files.
> Hi Jake,
> That sounds really cool, in fact we could put something like that to use
> now. Are you just brain storming or have you begun work on something
> already?
> Regards, Matt
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