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From: Paul A Bristow (pbristow_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-04-03 17:15:35

Your ideas looks most promising. I'll look at your code more fully when I get a moment.

I'm impressed how easy it is to knock up some simple and small encodings of graphs using SVG. You may be amused at my quick
play-about attached.

I am now convinced that the basic idea of using SVG for this sort of job is right. The file size is 3 kb and that is in a fairly
verbose style and includes comments - it could probably be nearly halved with more care.

Good luck with your GSoC application.


PS I'd be interested to know which browsers can display the attached file - Adobe SVG viewer is needed for IE6 at least.

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>"Visualization of STLContainers"
>Greetings, Boost!
>I've been in the application process for Google's "Summer of Code",
>and John Maddock brought up the idea of rapid prototyping in order to
>start finalizing design ideas. Over a couple of days I worked out a
>rough sketch of how the user interface would be organized. The
>"Initial Proposal" below has a detailed description of what the
>project is about, but the rough idea is that I need to visualize data
>in STL containers using the SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) format. The
>sample code provided uses std::vector<double> containers currently,
>and I will extend the idea to generic STL containers during the
>Dr. Maddock had the idea that the class could use a stream-like
>interface, sampled below.
>     svg_graph my_graph("file.svg");
>     my_graph<<x_scale(-10, 10)<<y_scale(-10, 10);
>     my_graph<<plot_range(my_cont.begin(), my_cont.end());
>I have the basic idea of streams working, but I haven't yet
>implemented multiple streams working in conjunction (as in line 2).
>Again, this is a rapid prototype that I squeezed in between
>schoolwork! I intend the main bulk of the work to be done during the
>summer, and I feel that I still need to do some refactoring of the
>I am looking for suggestions of directions people would like to see
>this project go. What would you like to customize in the output? Do
>you have a better idea for an interface? Am I taking the
>implementation in the wrong direction? How would you like invalid data
>to appear? Not at all? As a gray dot on an axis? I'd like to get a
>conversation going about what the user should/should not be able to do
>with this.
>Initial Proposal:
>Suggestions by mentors:
>Zip file of code:
>Output of sample code:
>The code compiles in both MS Visual Studio 8.0 and g++ 4.0.3.

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