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From: Scott Woods (scottw_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-04-05 18:08:58


What requirements are ultimately targeted by this thread? I have had
a variety of software requirements that I would broadly label as "logging"
but am unclear as to whether those requirements might be met by
software arising here, e.g.

* Testing-only log for troublesome function, removed prior to release
    Free-form text, i.e. fixed content interspersed with runtime values
    No time stamp needed, sequence significant
    All output directed to a named system file
    Each invocation of the function overwrites the system file
* Capture of high-speed events, logging unexpected sequences
    Fixed binary format, a list of "machine state" and "detected event"
    Each pair representing an event with no appropriate transition
    Time stamped
    Output written to a block of shared memory
* Audit trail of calls made to a set of stored procedures
    XML format, incl time, procedure name and parameter values
    Output directed to a series of files with names reflecting a connected
user and session id
* Audit trail for customer support and system adminstration
    Extended log file format from W3C (WD-logfile-960323)
    Output sent asynchronously to an in-process queue
    Forwarded from the in-process queue to a configured network service
    Network service directs received information to a set of files managed
by an in-house library
    A dedicated viewing and filtering tool
    Export of selected time slices to customers for analysis with 3rd party

Is Boost.Log interested in such circumstances?


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