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From: Jeff Garland (jeff_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-04-26 16:24:48

Stefan Seefeld wrote:
> Martin Wille wrote:
>> Thomas Witt wrote:
>>> In article <4630E0FB.4090905_at_[hidden]> Jeff Garland
>>> <jeff_at_[hidden]> wrote:
>>>> I think searching paths outside the boost tree for a user-config.jam
>>>> without explicit user input and, in particular, choosing it ahead of
>>>> one in that is in the local boost tree is a bug -- it violates the
>>>> principle of least surprise.
>>> FWIW it's not that clear cut to me. You really want to be able to configure
>>> boost build in some central place without having to look for stuff that
>>> might interfere.
>> I think Jeff wants these priorities:
>> 1. local (to the project) configuration files
>> 2. user configuration
>> 3. system configuration

Yeah, something like that, but still I prefer not searching around on my
system without me requesting it. One day I might do an apt-get on some
project that uses boost and then boost will show up in my /usr directory -- if
it happens to have a user-config in it things might break. People with
projects that have these files should have options to explicitly set the
paths. Here's some thoughts:

1. local
   a) fail if not found, no external search by default
   b) don't fail, assume defaults

With 1a you probably don't want to deliver a default one that's correctly
named. Force everyone to at least rename it.

2. explicit option to add paths (it may have this now, I don't know)
   a) logical search paths --system --user
   b) explicit paths --config-dir=/usr/local/boost

> FWIW, I totally agree (we did have a short discussion about this on IRC
> a while ago). In addition, I don't think the name 'user-config.jam' is
> very appropriate, especially as a file in $(HOME). It doesn't give any
> hint at being related to boost. There are thousands of 'user config'
> things in my home, but most in a project / application - specific
> subdirectory, to make it clear what they relate to.

I agree, completely. Something like:


would be better. That would prevent the next version from accidentally
picking up one in my home directory from a year ago. Of course, adding the
version in there might be controversial...


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