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From: David Abrahams (dave_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-05-07 15:33:06

on Mon Apr 30 2007, Kirit Sælensminde <> wrote:

> I'm going to (re-)use this thread as I'm building Boost 1.34.0 with MSVC
> .NET 2003 (7.1 SP1) as well.
> I'm building with the same copy of BJAM as I used to build 1.33.1 with.
> I've created a user-config.jam file containing a single line:
> using msvc : 7.1 ;
> I'm doing the build from the MSVC .NET command prompt which I think
> should have all of the compiler's settings already. The build command
> I'm using is:
> E:\FOST.3\external\boost_1_34_0>bjam --toolset=msvc
> --prefix=.\install\basic "-sBUILD=debug release <runtime-link>dynamic
> <threading>multi" install

Please read the new getting started guide. you're using options
(-sBUILD=...) that are no longer supported. Your build command should
be something like:

   bjam --toolset=msvc -prefix=.\install\basic debug release runtime-link=dynamic threading=multi

of course, from the top level, both debug and release are built by
default, so

   bjam --toolset=msvc -prefix=.\install\basic runtime-link=dynamic threading=multi

should be sufficient.

> I seem to be getting a lot of warnings and a couple of errors, but
> they're not hanging around for long enough to capture.

  bjam ... arguments > buildlog.txt 2>&1

> I can try to
> capture them if anybody wants to see what they are.
> In the install directory in this path:
> E:\FOST.3\external\boost_1_34_0\install\basic\include\boost-1_34\boost\compatibility\cpp_c_headers
> I get a .svn directory which shouldn't be there. I seem to remember this
> happening with 1.33.1 as well but don't know for sure now.

Hmm, this looks like a problem for our release manager.

Dave Abrahams
Boost Consulting
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