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From: Christian Henning (chhenning_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-05-17 10:26:40

Sounds very interesting. I think there is already a project doing http
over asio. I cannot find the link anymore. Anybody?

On 5/17/07, Dean Michael Berris <dmberris_at_[hidden]> wrote:
> The title pretty much says it all...
> Is there interest in developing a collection of client/server protocol
> implementations (and a common "message" type) ? In particular, one
> that builds on top of Boost.Asio to implement the common protocol
> implementations that people usually require -- and then make it easy
> to create common types of server applications.
> In particular, the goal of the project would be to:
> o Come up with a common 'message' type which can be crafted as an
> object and passed around within/among the different networking
> functions/routines convertible to strings and constructible using a
> builder interface using Boost.Spirit
> o Implement some common networking protocol clients like (but not limited to)
> * HTTP
> * SMTP
> * SNMP
> o Come up with base types or template classes which can be used to
> implement common server facitilies (via CRTP or PBCP) and modern C++
> techniques (policies, TMP, etc.) to make the implementations flexible
> and extensible
> The common message type is something I've already implemented in a
> different project (to be open sourced, but will serve a different
> purpose), which could be replicated or made generic. The semantic
> usage of the message type is shown below as an example/proposal:
> using namespace boost::network;
> message m;
> int some_value = 100;
> m << header("some_header", some_value)
> << header("multi_value",
> tags::multi)(another_value)(some_other_value)(yet_another)
> << body("The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog");
> std::cout << http::message(m)
> (url(""))
> (method(http::post))
> << std::endl;
> std::cout << smtp::message(m)
> (to("boost_at_[hidden]")) << std::endl;
> The above message type/object could then be used as the type commonly
> used by the HTTP/SMTP/SNMP protocol implementations.
> If there's interest, I should be able to post code soon about it.
> If there's already an on-going effort in this regard, I'd like to be
> able to contribute too.
> If this is already done, then pardon the noise.
> I can start a Sourceforge project for this, so if there are people
> interested in helping out I'd love to hear your ideas. Currently I've
> been developing it as a toy project on the side (pretty much the
> message type is thought out already and implemented in another
> project) and would like to know if people would like to use something
> like this and see something like it be made part of Boost.
> Hope to hear from you soon!
> --
> Dean Michael C. Berris
> mikhailberis AT gmail DOT com
> +63 928 7291459
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