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From: Michael Tegtmeyer (tegtmeye_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-05-30 19:58:06

> I tried using the .h file as-is in msvc 8.0 but got a bunch of compile
> errors on the test code provided in your e-mail. Maybe it doesn't
> make sense to do that, sorry I'm not too familiar with configure/make.
> I downsized the test code to where it did something pretty simple
> (declared a cvalarray using the default consructor and printed its
> values). Anything beyond that and errors come up.

OK, I did some checking and I believe the compile errors on MSVC is a
language non-conformance bug in MSVC.

Specifically, VC++ reports an ambiguity error for the following code:

#include <iostream>

template<typename T, int N>
struct foo {
   foo(const T *t) {std::cerr << "const T *t called\n";}
   foo(const T (&t)[N]) {std::cerr << "const T (&t)[N] called\n";}

int main()
   int a[10];

   foo<int,10> f(a);

   return 0;

GCC, SUNForte, and others compile this fine.

MSVC seems to erroneously decay the array argument in f's constructor even
though one of the options is a constant array parameter. Vandevoorde(C++
Templates, pg 59) discusses this further.

In any case, the decision to stray from std::valarray's interface in this
area was an arbitrary one so it is easy to chose the other option. The
interface now mimics std::valarray for single value as well as pointer
arguments in that they require a size parameter.

The test cases and docs have been updated and the new version
(cvalarray-.1.3.tar.gz) is now in the vault.

I have also included MSVS project files located in the 'tests' directory
that will run all 24 tests. I do not use MSVS much so I don't promise that
it is elegant.


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