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From: Marshall Clow (marshall_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-07-02 09:21:12

[ 323 open bugs; up from 321 on Friday ]

77 None
49 nobody
18 dgregor
16 jsiek
13 grafik
12 johnmaddock
11 turkanis
11 beman_dawes
10 vladimir_prus
10 az_sw_dude
7 speedsnail
7 samuel_k
7 david_abrahams
6 shammah
6 nesotto
6 jbandela
6 agurtovoy
5 rogeeff
4 urzuga
4 mark_rodgers
4 fcacciola
4 djowel
4 anthonyw
3 pdimov
3 jmaurer
3 ebf
3 dlwalker
2 witt
2 ramey
2 hubert_holin
2 alnsn
1 mistevens
1 mclow
1 kevlin
1 danieljames
1 daniel_wallin
1 aaron_windsor

None 1070 [iostreams]boost\iostreams\copy.hpp line80 copy_impl
None 1069 _InterlockedExchange_ _InterlockedExchangeAdd have wrong signature
None 1068 Mersenne twister disables streaming for Visual C++
None 1066 Patch to make Boost.Python compile on SunCC
None 1065 cannot find -lboost_filesystem
None 1061 boost::filesystem::basic_recursive_directory_iterator fails
on empty directories.
None 1060 no example sources in online docs for Boost::Test
None 1059 random_on_sphere can be made 10 times faster!
None 1058 Cygwin libraries & GNU libtool
None 1056 commentary typo fixes for wave; make jam compile
None 1055 boost build system uses wrong `ar` for cross compilation.
None 1051 MPL header ordering triggers bug
None 1050 BOOST_CHECK_CLOSE_FRACTION documentation missing
None 1049 Getting mpl/has_xxx.hpp to compile on AIX
None 1047 Small Problem with the getting started guide making the
whole build fail
None 1045 [multi_array] Need a proper swap operation
None 1042 Build: Incorrect parameters for IA64 architecture in MSVC toolset
None 1038 "<" and ">" should be excaped in xml_oarchive
None 1037 boost.serialization : invalid pointer dependant upon
serialization order
None 1036 assert failure in oserializer.hpp:418
None 1033 iostreams::restrict doesn't work on an iostreams::file_source
None 1032 typo in Boost.Test documentation
None 1027 [ptr_container] optional serialization support
None 1023 inspect
None 1022 Boost.Fusion at_c documentation in CVS HEAD references
non-existing at_c.hpp (patch included)
None 1021 [Graph][reverse_graph] Problem using reverse_graph adapter
with an adapted user defined graph
None 1020 Boost.Iterator proposal to add is_constant_iterator
None 1019 iterator_facade::pointer should be the return type of
operator-> (DR 445)
None 1014 rename throws an exception that is not documented
None 1006 No mingw.jam
None 1004 [typeof] Support vc8 in native mode
None 1003 [iostreams] copy-paste error in typedefs for wchar multichar_filters
None 1002 [iostreams] close_impl<closable_tag> does not comply with spec
None 997 error in boost::bind doc
None 995 'multiply defined symbols' when including
<boost/filesystem.hpp> in different source files
None 991 [pool]
None 987 configure passes wrong toolset to bjam
None 982 x64 documentation for windows
None 980 boost.format vc8/win32 compilation warning
None 975 empty weak_ptr throws upon serialization
None 974 spurious warning suppression code useful in shared_ptr.hpp
None 969 basic_binary_iprimitive::load_binary bug
None 968 xml_grammar - incorrect define char
None 963 typeof: nested types of BOOST_TYPEOF'ed type don't work on
gcc 3.4.5 in native mode
None 962 Missing links in Test library documentation
None 961 boost::basic_binary_oprimitive not instantiated correctly
None 960 [random] lognormal_distribution problem
None 956 Doc error in test examples.
None 1041 Cygwin requires PATH setting.
None 1030 execution_monitor.ipp #warning directive breaks compilation
on MSVC 8.0
None 1011 amd64: #error Boost.Numeric.Interval: Please specify
rounding control mechanism.
None 1010 linking boost.python on freebsd
None 1001 gcc 4.1.2 segfaults on mpl/test/apply.cpp
None 999 prg_exec_fail3 fails on release variant
None 998 prg_exec_fail2 fail on ppc
None 907 gccxml compilation error under Windows
None 853 path with spaces not always handled
None 129 default build cleanup
aaron_windsor 778 top-level configure is broken
agurtovoy 861 [mpl] Detect nested template members with has_template_xxx
agurtovoy 816 duplicat initial members -> erase_key postcond. fail
agurtovoy 761 [mpl] evc4 port
agurtovoy 640 documentation mistake
agurtovoy 637 Adjusts mpl::pair concept to be compatible with STL pairs
agurtovoy 588 mpl::remove compile error with gcc 4.1.0
alnsn 839 lexical_cast - local variable shadow patch
alnsn 754 boost::any - typeid comparison across shared boundaries
None 1053 Error using boost::mutex and C++/CLI
anthonyw 881 errors when build with Apache stdcxx
anthonyw 876 xtime documentation incomplete
anthonyw 868 [thread] thread_specific_ptr::element_type ?
anthonyw 802 [thread] MSVS: Allow use of thread headers with /Za
None 1028 typo in boost header: date_time/time_defs.hpp
az_sw_dude 890 date_time library supports only the current dst rule
az_sw_dude 889 Insane Dependencies
az_sw_dude 827 Unused variable in format date parser
az_sw_dude 642 operator<< for gregorian::date_duration not found
az_sw_dude 614 new timezone db file for #1471723 - 2007 DST support
az_sw_dude 605 support new 2007 DST rules for timezone db
az_sw_dude 604 from_ftime incorrectly processes FILETIME filled with zeros
az_sw_dude 596 make timezone csv file C/C++ compatible
az_sw_dude 316 date_time type conversion warning
az_sw_dude 287 wrong usage of ios_base::narrow
beman_dawes 897 exists() throws exeption on existing but locked file on wind
beman_dawes 842 typo in auto_unit_test.hpp Revision 1.17
beman_dawes 824 BOOST_IOSTREAMS_HAS_LSEEK64 on Mac OS X
beman_dawes 823 Seekable file_descriptor_source /sink?
beman_dawes 752 directory_iterator doesn't work with catch
beman_dawes 680 significantly different timer class behaviour on Win and Lin
beman_dawes 662 [filesystem] portable_posix_name() may fail on premain call
beman_dawes 607 Log level names wrong in documentation
beman_dawes 600 VC8 can't find windows.h even though environment is correct!
beman_dawes 559 linker error mingw 3.4.5
beman_dawes 222 Code analysis_ flaw detection_ debugging
daniel_wallin 533 [Parameter] Docco error section 2.7.2
danieljames 1064 problem on platforms with no errno.h header file
None 1054 Parameter takes an "infinite" amount of time to compile
with the Intel compiler.
None 1044 Argument pack inaccessable in a functions return type
david_abrahams 918 __doc__ strings
david_abrahams 916 BPL Support for Python Callable Objects
david_abrahams 910 gcc strict-aliasing problems with python
david_abrahams 903 inconsistent usage of function pointer typedefs
david_abrahams 865 Use of C++0x keyword as identifier
david_abrahams 863 [parameter] fix operator|| for lazy binding
david_abrahams 857 add shared_ptr< const T> support
None 1067 Function needs to use pass-by-reference internally
None 954 boost::dynamic_properties has no copy-constructor
dgregor 891 Bunch of compilation error reported while using function.hpp
dgregor 870 boost::graph::graph_utility.hpp is_connected() bad call
dgregor 852 Problem with Boost and GCC 4.1
dgregor 829 Implicit graph not implement
dgregor 738 Memory leaks with signal::connect?
dgregor 736 Const correctness violation
dgregor 735 Fruchterman-Reingold grid performance can be improved
dgregor 733 Numbered headers don't work with "preferred" syntax
dgregor 732 Johnson All-Pairs needs better "no path" information
dgregor 708 Dijkstra no_init version should not require VertexListGraph
dgregor 556 Bundled graph properties
dgregor 447 reverse_graph and constness of property maps
dgregor 403 Document copy_component
dgregor 402 random_vertex/random_edge are unnecessarily inefficient
dgregor 395 BGL graph types do not support allocators
dgregor 375 LEDA graph adaptors do not handle hidden nodes properly
dgregor 373 LEDA graph adaptors for undirected graphs
dgregor 372 adjacency_matrix should model BidirectionalGraph
djowel 664 crash in boost::spirit::parse
djowel 543 Embedded python won't compile
djowel 314 spirit insert_key_actor.hpp
djowel 241 Miss " = ParserT()"
dlwalker 766 "Bug" in comment (x2)
dlwalker 653 [integer] add support for integers longer than long
dlwalker 613 boost/crc.hpp uses non-standard conforming syntax
ebf 993 Variant should use least common multiple of alignments_
rather than maximum
ebf 965 [doc] boost::variant tutorial - final example uses v1_v2
should be seq1_seq2
ebf 547 [variant] Compile time checked getter
None 1071 Request for BOOST_REVERSE_FOREACH and rationale
fcacciola 818 No zero-argument in_place()
fcacciola 765 optional documentation
fcacciola 617 Numeric Conversion Documentation minor bug
fcacciola 282 boost::optional<enum> fails with /CLR
None 1040 boost.devel archive at ActiveState disconnected
None 1031 AmigaOS fixes for bjam
None 989 Boost build does not support building universal binaries on macintosh
None 121 toolset initialization
None 94 Better reporting of failed expectation.
None 93 Testing problems on AIX and OSF
grafik 1062 Cygwin install stage fails with combination of patches
grafik 977 bjam crashes when compiled with gcc 4.2
grafik 959 linking fails when Boost is compiled with STLport 5.1.* on
Linux (names mismatch)
grafik 896 <native-wchar_t>off does not work when build with vc-8.0
grafik 798 bjam: always define OSPLAT
grafik 721 Generated files "@()" don't work in regular expressions.
grafik 683 libraries won't build
grafik 616 Boost Jam_ and non english directorys
grafik 552 Building universal binary on MacOSX
grafik 546 needs fixes for HP/UX
grafik 497 Unable to build boost with Dinkumware STL version 4.02
grafik 481 Linker Problems with VC .NET 2003 / STLPort / Boost
grafik 431 boost jam problem with parallel builds
hubert_holin 647 octonion documentation bug
hubert_holin 162 Cannot compile octonion_test.cpp because of bug in sinc.hpp
jbandela 665 bug in char_separator
jbandela 501 token_iterator::at_end() result is inversed
jbandela 306 Visual C++ "Language Extensions" support
jbandela 283 Compiler error for tokenizer on Solaris
jbandela 279 SLOOOWW tokenizer compilation on VC++6.0
jbandela 259 Problem compiling :/
jmaurer 920 Proposed extension to random library
jmaurer 819 uniform_int<> with type's maximum availaible range error
jmaurer 351 Diff in state of mersenne_twister gen between GCC3.41 & CW9
None 1008 Undocumented type traits.
johnmaddock 883 errors when build with Apache stdcxx
johnmaddock 812 Crash on RH machine with gcc < 3.4
johnmaddock 775 Warnings on MSVC 2005
johnmaddock 764 [regex] add support for a BOOST_NO_CREGEX mode
johnmaddock 679 regex - perl syntax affects what gets matched
johnmaddock 633 [config] evc4 port
johnmaddock 591 make portable stdint.h from boost code
johnmaddock 540 Please add support for Borland C++ Builder 2006
johnmaddock 502 Problem running configure for unsupported platform
johnmaddock 492 Adding boost::is_complex to type_traits.hpp
johnmaddock 360 Regex
johnmaddock 315 Implement operator[] for Tokenizer
jsiek 900 graphml reader namespace handling is broken
jsiek 875 No iterator based constructor for adjacency_matrix
jsiek 815 remove_edge core dumps on self-circle
jsiek 813 concept_check.hpp unused variable warning
jsiek 694 Add Maximum Common Subgraph (MCS) algorithm
jsiek 693 Add clique detection algorithms DFMax_ Bron-Kerbosch
jsiek 636 strange compiling problem for transitive_closure
jsiek 580 Max Flow Algorithm
jsiek 575 Calling subgraph::global_to_local on a root graph
jsiek 541 [concept_check.hpp] remove unused variable warning in msvc
jsiek 416 Spelling of Edmonds-Karp-Algorithm
jsiek 193 Check ordering for mutexes
jsiek 182 Support aspect-orientation
jsiek 116 creating my own properties
jsiek 100 more use of the concept "allocator"
jsiek 69 Boost with Dinkumware C++ Library !?
kevlin 913 Specialization of lexical_cast
mark_rodgers 821 allow_unregistered improvement
mark_rodgers 558 add database library?
mark_rodgers 87 function to get the size of a array
mark_rodgers 30 parser
mclow 75 Solaris - once.cpp compile error
mistevens 688 ublas: bug in mapped_vector_of_mapped_vector
nesotto 807 boost::assignment documentation: mathematical "typo"
nesotto 730 The ptr_map iterator cannot be dereference to value type
nesotto 723 local_time_facet error in VS2005 Win2003
nesotto 624 bug in boost::range_detail
nesotto 518 [Boost.Range]boost::const_begin calls non-qualified 'begin'
nesotto 471 boost.range and "const char[]".
nobody 930 iostream and zlib
nobody 924 Convenience function for const map read
nobody 922 Lexical cast and wide characters
nobody 911 [bind] inline placeholder macro
nobody 908 gccxml compilation bug under Windows
nobody 905 Assertion failed in token_iterator.hpp
nobody 902 patch for Visual Studio 8 + Windows x64 (AMD64)
nobody 894 mutli_array/types.hpp 64-bit types?
nobody 884 [iostreams] workaround for the boost + stdcxx on MSVC 7.1
nobody 879 Building Boost with Apache C++ Standard Library (STDCXX)
nobody 874 Ability to partially specialize implementation_level
nobody 871 Problem build boost 1.33.1 on Aix 4.3.3
nobody 862 [utility] Make result_of handle lambda expressions
nobody 851 xml handling library
nobody 825 PocketPC 2003/2005 MSVS8
nobody 800 [filesystem] chdir()
nobody 799 mpl::if_
nobody 796 [ublas] vector::back()
nobody 795 [ublas] vector::back()
nobody 790 MSVC 8 & STLport
nobody 746 max flow with lower bounds (capacities)
nobody 714 [jam] HardLink rule on NT platform
nobody 687 [program_options] Allow unrecognized options in configfile
nobody 659 provide an abstract "Task" type based on Boost.Threads
nobody 621 filesystem::path as a template
nobody 590 mkstemp
nobody 530 Boost.Ruby
nobody 513 darwin 64 bit support
nobody 494 STLPort with NO_IOSTREAMS
nobody 428 Please add support for PDSK compilers for x64 and IA64
nobody 418 Please add support for Intel 9 WIN32
nobody 366 handle double '/' in the boost::filesystem
nobody 313 lock-free data structures
nobody 310 Stand-alone ternary state tree
nobody 296 Associative containers that search on keys or values
nobody 294 unicode support in boost::filesystem
nobody 224 Extensions to std::string: compareIgnoreCase()_ trim()_ ...
nobody 221 Overall tree structure of boost.
nobody 187 locale
nobody 123 target templates
nobody 122 stage rule
nobody 112 'distclean' target
nobody 105 Why noncopyable destructor isn't virtual
nobody 98 Better notion of link-compatibility
nobody 96 Finish target paths
nobody 64 Documentation
nobody 55 Generator Relevance Filtering
nobody 26 mem_iter - iterator to object member
nobody 17 Socket wrapper class
pdimov 810 support for weak_ptr binding
pdimov 445 Can't delete automatically in circularly included object.
pdimov 398 Support for embedded VC++ 4.0
ramey 878 error C2039: 'mbstate_t' : is not a member of 'std'
ramey 877 'NULL' undefined in basic_serializer_map.cpp
rogeeff 893 grammatical error in error message
rogeeff 847 [Test Library] How to init/free a singleton
rogeeff 762 [test] evc4 issue with SEH support
rogeeff 747 failing on 6 targets in MacOS X
rogeeff 645 [test] no eh exception handling functions on evc4
samuel_k 859 boost::format ignores a user defined locale
samuel_k 849 boost::format and operator priority rule
samuel_k 713 Boost.Format doesn't work on MSVC with /vd2 compiler option
samuel_k 704 format zero length string msvc-8
samuel_k 585 64 bit compile warning/error for boost::format
samuel_k 570 boost::format parse method doesn't work
samuel_k 493 format: assert when parsing invalid pattern
shammah 840 pool allocator - local variable shadow patch
shammah 836 warning using pool.hpp
shammah 386 boost::pool_allocator breaks with vector of vectors
shammah 290 perfomance: memory cleanup for pool takes too long
shammah 284 pool::purge_memory() does not reset next_size
shammah 88 ct_gcd_lcm.hpp compilation error
speedsnail 615 thread identification and getting the id
speedsnail 204 Add a monitor class
speedsnail 194 Exchange results between several thread calls
speedsnail 174 cooperation with ACE framework
speedsnail 173 more synchronization primitives for the threads classes
speedsnail 172 cooperation with ZThread package
speedsnail 171 class for function calls that are not thread safe
turkanis 869 [iostreams] patch for building by BBv2
turkanis 856 iostreams file_descriptor::write fails under Win32
turkanis 822 Incorrect usage of bad_write()_ bad_seek() etc.
turkanis 817 Performance problem in iostreams
turkanis 791 iostreams::tee_filter is for output only
turkanis 786 bug in iostreams/copy.hpp line 81
turkanis 699 Changing size of memory-mapped file on Windows
turkanis 586 iostreams // file_descriptor::seek BUG on files > 4 GB
turkanis 579 boost.iostreams file_descriptor and sharing
turkanis 525 problem with boost::iostreams when compiled with Visual C++
turkanis 484 Boost.Iostreams and newline translation
urzuga 864 [lambda][utility] Make lambda support result<>
urzuga 781 Lambda: (_1 + "y")(string("x")) Doesn't Compile
urzuga 574 [boost::lambda] Compile error with libstdc++ debug mode
urzuga 426 lambda vs pure virtual functions
None 985 can't use bjam to disable specific VC warning
None 984 using 'define=XYZ' as bjam command line argument doesn't work
vladimir_prus 898 [program_options] improper guess
vladimir_prus 887 Duplicate target name bug on Cygwin
vladimir_prus 850 program_options strips off escaped quotes in some situations
vladimir_prus 808 [program_options] parse_config_file documentation bug
vladimir_prus 689 [program_options] Endless loop with long default arguments
vladimir_prus 674 find-library for boost decorated names
vladimir_prus 644 Boost.Build v2 build script help for evc4
vladimir_prus 469 multitoken broken in program_options 1.33
vladimir_prus 348 program_options bug?
vladimir_prus 342 program_options Can one have options with optional values?
None 1046 Boost.Python quickstart instructions mention nonexistent target
None 973 zip_iterator has value_type == reference
None 957 The "Getting Started" page does not mention the stdlib option
witt 834 Homepage regression links
witt 145 filter iterator adaptor should be able to be bidirectional

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