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From: Marcus Lindblom (macke_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-07-04 10:50:22

Jake Voytko wrote:
> On 7/4/07, Phil Endecott <spam_from_boost_dev_at_[hidden]> wrote:
>> Jake Voytko wrote:
>>> plot_range(my_plot, data.begin(), data.end(),
>>> default_functor, human_age,
>>> circle,
>>> orange, red,
>>> 3, 10);
>> It would be great to be able to write just 'data' in place of
>> 'data.begin(), data.end()'. Is there anything stopping this?
> The STL algorithm functions are used as the basis here, and it carries all
> of the same benefits. First, you can select a small subset of your data if
> you'd like that to be plotted (for example, plotting a single year out of
> 100 years of data).
I'd recommend looking at boost::range here. The common case would be to
plot an entire range, but users can specify sub-ranges as std::pair
vector or whatever, and your code need not worry the slightest bit. Just
call boost::begin & boost::end. :)

boost.:range actually works very nice, and when you add the possibility
of filtered/permutated/transformed ranges, the mind boggles quite a bit
about how sexy it could be. :)
> Second, the interface itself almost completely weeds out
> noncompliant functions, as functions without iterator support won't compile,
> and the error message will (usually) show on the line in the user's code
> where the error is.
I suppose I don't know enough about svg_plot's design. What
noncompiliant functions do you refer to?
> A minor benefit is also location of compiler errors. Looking at:
> plot(my_plot, data, ...);
> Instead of giving a compiler error at the call for plot(), it would report
> the error inside of plot(). That's a minor issue, as it's still relatively
> clear why the error is occuring, but the line of the error is still not at
> the location of the error. And granted, the iterator interface doesn't ward
> this off altogether (as it's possible for functions to have a begin() and
> end() that returns the same data type, but not support a ++() operator.
But when we get concepts, it will be ok again, so until then you just
have to get used to it. :)


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