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From: Jonathan Franklin (franklin.jonathan_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-07-05 16:01:22

Hopefully I don't screw up the quoting. Somehow I missed the original post.

On 7/5/07, Scott McMurray <[hidden]> wrote:

> > Currently the STL is quite useless. It basically serves for
> > supporting book examples. For everything else you need
> > either thread, network or GUI support (often all of them).
> > As a result you have to use some library (wxWidgets, Qt).
> > These of course all replace the STL completely

wxWidgets replaces the STL completely?!?

I work on a project that uses wx for thread and GUI support (including
OpenGL graphics support), and we make *extensive* use of the STL and
moderate use of several of the boost libraries.

It turns out that *most* of our code actually deals with the logic of
solving our particular domain problems. The GUI, network, and threads code
has to actually *do* something, and we use STL and boost heavily to
implement our algorithms.

We have our own (crummy) in-house middleware, which I would love to replace
w/ ASIO, not wxSocket et al. Once boost.Thread is more complete, we may
switch that as well.

I would really love to use a stable/complete GUI framework that uses modern
C++. However I don't think that such a beast exists yet.


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