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From: Jarrad Waterloo (jwaterloo_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-07-13 10:44:29

Thanks, I saw this a long time ago at codeproject also. Is there any real
hope in the future that boost::any will take advantage of this

This is related to my original question. While using hold_any, I run into
this problem when trying to use BOOST_SPIRIT_DEBUG with a vector of

binary '>>' : no operator found which takes a right-hand operand of type
'std::vector<_Ty>' (or there is no acceptable conversion)
1> with
1> [
1> _Ty=boost::spirit::hold_any
1> ]

The code I added was as follows

std::istream& operator>> (std::istream& i, vector<hold_any>& obj)
    return i;//obj.table->stream_in(i, &obj.object);

std::ostream& operator<< (std::ostream& o, vector<hold_any> const& obj)
        o << "[";
        for(size_t i = 0; i < obj.size(); i++)
                if(i > 0)
                        o << ",";
                o << obj[i];
        o << "]";
    return o;

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Joel de Guzman wrote:

> > *Question #3 of 3: How do I debug using '#define
> > when using closures with a member of any?*
> >
> > Any needs stream operators which it doesn't have. I know
> this may be
> > an idiot question but I am asking it anyway because I tried the
> > following 2 and could get neither to work. Any assistance
> would be appreciated.
> Well, this is outside the scope of Spirit. I think the proper
> forum in this case is, back to the boost list -- just for
> this particular case. If I were you, I'd use a boost.variant
> instead and use its visitation mechanism to print its
> contents. There's really no fool proof way to print a boost
> any's contents.

FWIW, Spirit2 contains a hold_any class which is:

A) faster than Boost.Any,
B) supports input/output streaming as long as the elements stored in the
hold_any do support streaming as well,
C) is otherwise 100% compatible to Boost.Any.

Regards Hartmut

(BTW, it's here:

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