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From: Christian Larsen (contact_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-08-14 07:10:21

It applies to ScopeExit I see. It seems to be caused by the use of __LINE__,
ntinue). This makes sense as edit & continue would probably get a hard time
with changing line numbers. But still it produces nonsense error messages.

Best regards,
Christian Larsen

Christian Larsen wrote:
> I've moved this to the dev list, because it should probably be mentioned
> in the documentation somewhere. I'm not sure whether it belongs in Typeof
> or ScopeExit.
> I've tried building the hello.cpp example that comes with ScopeExit with
> the same results (as in my original message). I think I have narrowed down
> the cause. Building fails whenever "Program Database for Edit & Continue
> (/ZI)" is set in the project properties. Changing this to "Program
> Database (/Zi)" or any other fixes the problem. Is this a compiler bug?
> I never use Edit & Continue anyway, but I thought it might be helpful to
> others to mention this problem somewhere.
> Best regards,
> Christian Larsen
> Christian Larsen wrote:
> > I'm trying build a very simple test program using ScopeExit (just
> > downloaded
> > from the link in the review notice:
> > http://boost-
> >
> > pe_exit-0.04.tar.gz&directory=& ). I'm using a brand new download of
> Boost
> > 1.34.1 with it. The following code builds and runs fine in release mode
> in
> > both VC7.1 and 8.0, but fails to build in debug mode in both versions. I
> > also tried specifying the BOOST_TYPEOF_COMPLIANT in MSVC7.1 debug but to
> > no
> > avail - I just get some other errors. I couldn't find any indication of
> > what
> > would cause this difference between debug/release builds. I tried
> > disabling
> > optimizations in release mode to check whether this would cause release
> > mode
> > to fail, too, but it didn't. Any help would be appreciated.


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