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From: Beman Dawes (bdawes_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-08-24 07:37:55

Gottlob Frege wrote:
>> //
>> trunk
>> tags/
>> ...
>> releases/
>> ...
>> 1_34_1
>> 1_35_0
>> branches/
>> release
>> libs/
>> ...
>> python
>> serialization
>> ...
> Assuming this is the latest proposal, maybe an outside opinion of an
> idiot user (ie me) might help?

Yes, for sure. User perspectives balance the developer perspectives.

> P.S. I'm NOT a SVN user (Perforce for me, thanks).
> Without reading Beman's doc (and outside users probably won't) nor
> most of these emails, this is my first impression:
> - 'tags/releases' is where past releases are - excellent

Yep. And I've updated the trac page to reflect Dave's suggestion that it
be "releases" with an "s" rather than "release".

> - 'branches' is where unstable development is happening (but really, I
> cheated - I read the emails to determine that for sure - because
> 'branches' can also mean released items, like a fork of boost or
> something like that, or maybe someday boost 2.0 (only supports C++0x)
> is released and boost 1.40 (old code base) is also released - these
> would be two 'branches' of boost)

The "branches" name is traditional with CVS and SVN users for where
unstable development is happening, so I don't think there is much
potential for confusion there, except perhaps for those with no CVS or
SVN exposure.

> - trunk or branches/release is where the 'latest stable but not yet
> released boost' (ie the one I might experiment with to see what's
> coming) lives. Which is it? ie which is the 'release_candidate'?
> Basically, I'd like words like
> - 'released' (note the 'd')
> - 'in_progress'
> - 'release_candidate'
> or similar. But maybe that's just because I don't use SVN.

Hum... "branches/release_candidate" would certainly be more explicit
than "branches/release". It is longer, but an SVN user doesn't actually
have to type the name very often, so I'm not inclined to worry about that.

Anyone else care to hazard an opinion on "branches/release_candidate" vs

> And sorry to bring naming back up as a topic. Feel free to move on to
> other things (ie just get started), but I always find a 'first
> impression' is worthwhile (and only comes once).

I don't mean to cut off repository organization and naming discussion
prematurely. I do, however, want to make sure we don't stall on those
topics while there are other decisions that need to be made. And, yes,
"first impression" are very valuable.



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