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From: Rene Rivera (grafikrobot_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-08-26 11:34:24

David Abrahams wrote:
> on Sat Aug 25 2007, "Robert Ramey" <> wrote:
>> The merging into the trunk was very confusing to me and
>> I had to spend a lot of time getting things on my machine
>> balled up and then unballed up. Here are a couple of things.
>> First of all, i had hoped I could just "merge" the changes
>> on my branch directly into the trunk. There may be a way
>> to do this with the command line interface but the windows
>> interface doesn't let you do it.
> Subversion is a command-line tool, not a GUI. There is no "windows
> interface to Subversion." Somebody built a GUI that is an imperfect
> reflection of the underlying tool.

That is less than accurate for Subversion. All the Subversion GUIs and
CLIs, AFAIK, use the same Subversion library. So in a sense they are all
UIs to the same tool. And hence the "svn" command is just as much an
"imperfect reflection of the underlying tool" as TortoiseSVN. And in the
case of TSVN I would say it's a much better reflection than "svn". It
makes doing remote operations on the repo possible that I have yet to
find a way to do with "svn".

> Once you understand the command line, it's easy to go back to a
> GUI and have a sense of what it's really doing.

I found it harder to understand what Subversion is really doing from all
the reading of the book, docs, etc. I found it much easier to understand
just by using the TSVN repo browser.

> $ svn --help merge

In the TSVN context menu "ToroiseSVN/Merge...", brings up a dialog with
all the options with much better explanations then "svn --help". And
with immediate access to the repo browser in various places. And with
the ability to do diffs directly in the dialog (which integrates with
WinMerge if you want). And with the ability to pick merge revision
directly from the log, which means one doesn't have to remember the
revision numbers which is the number one annoyance (and source of
mistakes) for doing "svn merge".

Please don't make the mistake of prejudging the available SVN GUI tools
based on your bad experiences with CVS GUI tools.

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