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From: Eric Niebler (eric_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-08-27 12:28:40

Maurizio Vitale wrote:
> On Aug 27, 2007, at 11:54 AM, Eric Niebler wrote:
>> (Sorry for the delay, I'm just back from a week-long vacation.)
> Not a problem, I know all about your whereabouts from your posts.
> Avid reader of yours I am...

I'm flattered!

>> If your context type inherits from callable_context, you can
>> define a nested result class template for calculating the return type.
>> In this way, the return type can be made to depend on the
>> expression type.
> but you still need to explicitly pass the expression type to the
> context, like this:
> template<typename Expr>
> struct my_context : callabla_context<my_context<Expr> > {
> typedef Functor_Of<Expr>::type result_type;
> ....
> };
> or am I missing a way to get to Expr in a class inheriting from
> callable_context?
> you cannot overload operator()() or you ruin the unpackaging done by
> callable_context.
> I'm using the above in my code (even though I did forget about it
> when asking),
> so if there was a better way I'd be glad to hear.

Right, so when you inherit from callable_context, it unpacks the
expression and sends it to your operator(). You can't get at the
expression object or its type before it was unpacked. If you need that,
then callable_context isn't right for you.

Just to clarify what I said earlier, a binary plus node would get passed
to your context like:

struct my_context : callable_context<my_context>
     // ...
     template<class Left, class Right>
     some-type operator()(tag::plus, Left const& l, Right const& r)
     { return something; }

my_context is "callable" in that it must satisfy the result_of protocol.
So it must either have a result_type typedef, or a nested result<> class
template. So, you could partially specialize the result<> template to
calculate the return type of plus operations like:

template<class Sig> struct result;

template<class This, class Left, class Right>
struct result<This(tag::plus, Left const &, Right const &)> {
   typedef some-type type;


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