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From: David Abrahams (dave_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-09-24 14:11:53

on Fri Sep 14 2007, Jason Sankey <> wrote:

> Hi all,
> You may have noticed the discussion going on re: developer feedback
> systems. As part of this I have just started setting up a demo build
> server at:
> At this stage it is an early demonstration of the server (Pulse)
> building the boost trunk. There is only one machine, but for
> illustration purposes I am running both the master and one agent on it.
> This shows the ability to build on multiple agents in parallel (to
> test the different OS/compiler combos). In this case I am testing two
> different gcc versions (the easiest to setup for the demo).

Very cool to see it working. Sorry it's taken me so long to respond.

> You will notice that the build fails, with both a bunch of errors coming
> out and test failures. This isn't so bad for the demo since it shows
> how these things are reported. In reality work would need to be done to
> either fix the problems or have Pulse recognise them as expected failures.


> You might also notice the Pulse is kicking off a build when it detects
> any change, and shows the change information (also linked to Trac for
> diff views etc). This should keep the machine busy, since a build takes
> over 2 hours (partly because two builds are running in parallel, but
> mostly just because the build takes that long). Perhaps there is a
> shorted build/test cycle that should be run on every change for faster
> feedback.

I don't know how you're invoking the build, but if you're using, there is an --incremental flag you can pass that avoids
rebuilding things whose dependencies haven't changed.

> On the subject of feedback, you may also want to try creating an
> account so you can log in. Just click the login link (top right
> corner) and you will see a link to sign up. It is best to choose
> your user name to match your Subversion user name, as then Pulse can
> tell which changes are yours.
> Once signed up you get a dashboard
> view along with preferences that allow you to sign up for email
> notifications.

Oh, that is awesome! I chose a different user name from my svn name,
but then added an alias. Will that work?

> It would be great if people could take a look and let me know:
> 1) If you think this is useful and worth continuing with.

Definitely worth continuing with. I don't think it's useful yet, but
if you continue it will be.

> 2) What important features you think are currently missing.

Integration with the XML failure markup is the most crucial thing.

> 3) How some of the errors/failing tests can be resolved.

Not connected to the 'net as I write this; I might be able to look

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