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From: Anthony Williams (anthony_w.geo_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-10-08 11:46:47

Jeff Garland <jeff_at_[hidden]> writes:

> Anthony Williams wrote:
>> I'm trying to update trunk to be have more of the C++0x interface at the
>> moment. I've already integrated call_once (though I forgot only MSVC has
>> _ReadWriteBarrier, and I haven't done the variadic arguments yet), and I'm
>> currently working on the mutexes. I'm keen to get everything updated as much
>> as possible before the 1.35 cutoff. I've got a reasonably up-to-date Windows
>> implementation to use as a basis, and I've been working through the POSIX
>> stuff.
>> Also, even though it's been punted to TR2, I want to get the read-write mutex
>> back in --- I have a new implementation, and it's been missing since 1.32, so
>> it would be good to get it back in the relese.
> Ok, that sounds good, although are you going to maintain a 'classic' interface
> for existing users? Given the changes in the interface going straight from
> the current boost.thread to 0x interfaces would require some client rework.
> One thought would be to put the new stuff in namespace c++0x or std?

Well, I've left the boost::mutex::scoped_lock typedefs in for now, even though
they're just typedefs to boost::unique_lock<boost::mutex>. The constructor
parameters have changed in line with the C++0X proposal, though.

I've just added a backwards-compatibility overload for call_once (the order of
args has changed).

> I have a draft implementation of the date-time types you need -- I think
> Howard has been distributing that as well -- it needs some update because we
> made some name changes. I don't know that I want to incorporate directly into
> Boost date-time just yet, so maybe we want to put it in thread for now?
> Anyway, I'll contact you off-list and so we can figure out the details.

boost/thread/thread_time.hpp contains a minimal date-time interface for thread
(based on boost::datetime). This seems to be sufficient --- is it not?

> One other thing I forgot about was the atomics stuff -- that was voted in as
> is. Is anyone working on a Boost implementation of that stuff? I know there
> is some of this floating around in shared ptr or something.

I have some partial implementations --- I was waiting to see what the final
outcome was before trying to keep up to date. I know Peter Dimov had a more
complete implementation, but I don't know whether it's up to date.


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