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From: Simonson, Lucanus J (lucanus.j.simonson_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-10-10 18:30:16

Fernando wrote:
>What would I need to do in GTL?
>And, MORE importantly, what does GTL do, exactly, to adapt my "p" objet

Just typing off the top of my head. I am not yet allowed to copy and
paste the code I wrote which Intel owns.

typedef int Unit;

struct MyPoint {int x, int y};

template <>
class PointConceptMap<MyPoint> {
        static inline Unit PointGet(const MyPoint& t, Orientation2D
orient) {
                return orient == HORIZONTAL ? t.x: t.y; }

        static inline void PointSet(MyPoint& t, Orientation2D orient,
                                                Unit value) {
        if(orient == HORIZONTAL) t.x = value; else t.y = value; }

        static inline MyPoint PointConstruct(Unit x, Unit y) {
                MyPoint tmp; tmp.x = x; tmp.y = y; return tmp; }
        PointConceptMap(); //construction disallowed

template <class T>
class PointConcept : public T {
        static inline PointConcept& mimic(T& t) {
                return static_cast<PointConcept&>(t); }
        static inline const PointConcept& mimicConst(T& t) {
                return static_cast<const PointConcept&>(t); }
        inline T& yield() { return *this; }
        inline const T& yieldConst() { return *this; }

        inline PointConcept() {}

        template <class T2>
        inline PointConcept& operator=(PointConcept<T2>& that) {
                set(HORIZONTAL, that.get(HORIZONTAL);
                return set(VERTICAL, that.get(VERTICAL); }

        Unit get(Orientation2D orient) const { return get_(orient); }
        PointConcept& set(Orientation2D orient, Unit value) {
                set_(orient, value); return *this; }

        inline Unit get_(Orientation2D orient) const {
                return PointConceptMap<T>::PointGet(yieldConst(),
orient); }
        inline void set_(Orientation2D orient, Unit value) {
                PointConceptMap<T>::PointSet(yield(), orient, value); }
        static inline T construct_(Unit x, Unit y) {
                return PointConceptMap<T>::PointConstruct(x, y); }

template <class T>
void foo(T& t) {
        PointConcept<T>& tref = PointConcept<T>::mimic(t);
        tref.set(HORIZONTAL, tref.get(VERTICAL);

That is the complete design pattern. It probably has syntax errors
because I was typing off the top of my head, but you should get the idea
quite clearly.


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