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From: Marshall Clow (marshall_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-10-12 13:36:10

[ 82 feature requests today, 81 last week ]

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Feature Requests
15 djowel
9 pdimov
7 johnmaddock
5 jsiek
4 mark_rodgers
4 grafik
4 doug_gregor
4 dave
4 az_sw_dude
4 None
3 dlwalker
2 vladimir_prus
2 nasonov
2 ebf
1 witt
1 rogeeff
1 ramey
1 mumiee
1 jmaurer
1 guwi17
1 garcia
1 eric_niebler
1 bemandawes
1 asutton
1 anthonyw
1 agurtovoy
1 <Blank>

<Blank> 1093 Mandatory source files shouldn't require_ or give the
impression to require_ the Boost Build system
None 1059 random_on_sphere can be made 10 times faster!
None 1166 [boostbook] paths relative to boost.root
None 1219 Add official Visual C++ 2008 (9.0) support
None 1298 fun with imdb graph
agurtovoy 799 mpl::if_
anthonyw 659 provide an abstract "Task" type based on Boost.Threads
asutton 693 Add clique detection algorithms DFMax_ Bron-Kerbosch
az_sw_dude 1207 Method "from_julian_day_number" (class
gregorian_calendar) not documented
az_sw_dude 17 Socket wrapper class
az_sw_dude 187 locale
az_sw_dude 596 make timezone csv file C/C++ compatible
bemandawes 590 mkstemp
dave 1180 [boost.python] def_readwrite need a default docstring
dave 1315 iterator_adaptor does not work with incomplete Value types
dave 916 BPL Support for Python Callable Objects
dave 918 __doc__ strings
djowel 1156 feature request: linkid to the whole document
djowel 1157 On Images
djowel 1158 optional named parameters
djowel 1159 bibliography support
djowel 1173 Balanced comments
djowel 1189 Scoped Macros
djowel 1190 Markups inside simple markups
djowel 1193 Nestable tables and lists and exlicit paragraph markup
djowel 1194 Add ID to table to allow linking to tables easily
djowel 1202 Add a [teletype] source mode
djowel 1204 Non-breaking-space?
djowel 1205 Quickbook getting started
djowel 1213 Specify that [#named_anchors] are global
djowel 1214 Provide an error count from a bjam Quickbook build
djowel 1288 Quickbook article info needs expansion to include more
bibliographic info
dlwalker 1224 MPL compatibilty for Integer Type Selection Templates
dlwalker 1225 Exact-sized Integer Type Selection Templates
dlwalker 1227 Original/Signed/Unsigned Integer Variant Selection Templates
doug_gregor 372 adjacency_matrix should model BidirectionalGraph
doug_gregor 373 LEDA graph adaptors for undirected graphs
doug_gregor 395 BGL graph types do not support allocators
doug_gregor 746 max flow with lower bounds (capacities)
ebf 1112 reference_wrapper<T> should convert to reference_wrapper<U>
when T& is convertible to U&
ebf 547 [variant] Compile time checked getter
eric_niebler 1071 Request for BOOST_REVERSE_FOREACH and rationale
garcia 1045 [multi_array] Need a proper swap operation
grafik 1203 Decouple the backend
grafik 1236 email addresses of bug submitters should be obfuscated on
publicly visible Trac pages
grafik 1303 Per-target resource limits.
grafik 714 [jam] HardLink rule on NT platform
guwi17 795 [ublas] vector::back()
jmaurer 920 Proposed extension to random library
johnmaddock 1102 Add BOOST_NO_IOSTREAM
johnmaddock 1103 Add BOOST_NO_IOSFWD
johnmaddock 1104 Add BOOST_NO_TYPEID
johnmaddock 1105 Add BOOST_NO_STD_TYPEINFO or inject ::type_info into std
johnmaddock 1178 Regular expression min match length
johnmaddock 591 make portable stdint.h from boost code
johnmaddock 764 [regex] add support for a BOOST_NO_CREGEX mode
jsiek 100 more use of the concept "allocator"
jsiek 182 Support aspect-orientation
jsiek 193 Check ordering for mutexes
jsiek 315 Implement operator[] for Tokenizer
jsiek 694 Add Maximum Common Subgraph (MCS) algorithm
mark_rodgers 30 parser
mark_rodgers 558 add database library?
mark_rodgers 821 allow_unregistered improvement
mark_rodgers 87 function to get the size of a array
mumiee 1201 Regexify the syntax highlighter
nasonov 913 Specialization of lexical_cast
nasonov 922 Lexical cast and wide characters
pdimov 1107 Add weak_use_count to weak_ptr as a debugging aid
pdimov 1109 intrusive_ptr needs a helper base class
pdimov 1110 Add a release method to scoped_array
pdimov 1111 boost::bind objects should expose function_type and list_type
pdimov 1113 shared_array<T> should convert to shared_array<T const>
pdimov 1114 Request for shared_ptr::type and shared_ptr::pointer
pdimov 398 Support for embedded VC++ 4.0
pdimov 445 Can't delete automatically in circularly included object.
pdimov 810 support for weak_ptr binding
ramey 874 Ability to partially specialize implementation_level
rogeeff 1136 Let BOOST_CHECK_EQUAL support std::wstring
vladimir_prus 1129 Standalone doc_ outdated path from homepage
vladimir_prus 674 find-library for boost decorated names
witt 145 filter iterator adaptor should be able to be bidirectional

-- Marshall
Marshall Clow     Qualcomm, Inc.   <mailto:mclow_at_[hidden]>
The famous British scientist, Lord Kelvin, said:  "When you measure 
what you are speaking about and express it in numbers, you know 
something about it, but when you cannot (or do not) measure it, when 
you cannot (or do not) express it in numbers, then your knowledge is 
of a meagre and unsatisfactory kind."

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