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From: Kai Schroeder (schroed_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-10-21 14:13:02

>> Boost would get GUI support and the GUI library would get the benefits of
>> existing excellent boost libraries and not have to reimplement them
> Why doesn't wxWidgets use boost? It doesn't have to be included in
> boost to use it. boost.asio used boost even before it was added
> (boost.bind) IIRC.
>> (thus removing the need for double maintenance efforts). Also, users
>> would find it easier to learn/access both of the libraries.
> I can't see how. IMO, there would probably be more discussion than
> development, because of the two different views at C++ development
> from wxWidgets developers and boost developers.

>From my experience, wxWidgets has a great community and I have always
got very positive responses when I have contacted the mailing list. I do
not believe that wxWidgets developers have such a different view. Boost
integration is already on their radar for wxWidgets3. (see e.g.
). They already work on better STL integration (they do know that a
wxString class is not best practice nowadays and want to get rid of it).
wxWidgets has evolved the way it has because they wanted to support as
many plattforms and compilers as possible - and the compiler situation
has become much better meanwhile. Well, I think it's worth a try to
contact them and see if one could help each other :).

Best regards,
   Kai Schroeder

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