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From: Douglas Gregor (dgregor_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-10-23 09:54:25

Preston A. Elder wrote:
> [snip example]
> The obvious problem with the latter is that it needs to be downcast
> implicitly, and some kind of exception thrown if the wrong type is passed.
This doesn't seem like the kind of thing you would want to do
implicitly. Rather, the user should request this
try-to-downcast-and-throw-if-it-fails behavior.
> My solution is this:
> Which is included by a boost preprocessor iteration here:
> As I mention, I use a lot of boost::function's own tricks. I think this
> would be a lot cleaner if done as part of boost::function, rather than me
> re-implementing the same macros and such.
Interesting. It's unfortunate that you have to jump through so many
syntactic hoops to make this kind of code work. I will use this
opportunity to point out how trivial this kind of thing will be to write
once we have variadic templates :)
> I have made sure my implementation works, and more importantly, has all
> the tests you would expect (ie. that the return value arguments except the
> class are the same, that the class is derived from the original function
> typedef's first argument, and so on).
> Here is my test case:
> Any way, feedback is as always appreciated, but if someone could look at
> this for an addition to boost::function it would really be great
I don't think it belongs in boost::function per se, because
boost::function has a very narrow focus on bridging to arbitrary
function objects. It doesn't do any kind of adaptation of arguments,
because bind already doesn't that. It's more in line with mem_fn, which
handles the adaptation of a member pointer to make it a proper function
object. The name "mem_fn_proxy" is a little weak, in that it doesn't
really state the important behavior: downcasting "this". For this
functionality, I, personally, have called it "mem_fn_downcast" and given
it the same interface and semantics as mem_fn, except with the addition
of the automatic downcasting behavior. Then, it would be up to Peter to
decide whether he wants to add this variant to the bind/mem_fn library.

    - Doug

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