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From: Beman Dawes (bdawes_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-10-23 21:15:54

Alexander Nasonov wrote:
> Beman Dawes <bdawes <at>> writes:
>> conversion: lexical_cast_loopback_test on many platforms
> I believe those failures should be marked as expected for these toolsets:
> HP-UX_pa_risc_gcc (gcc-3.4.2)
> HP-UX_ia64_gcc (gcc-4.2.1)
> Caleb Epstein SunOS-5.10 (gcc-4.1.2_sunos_i86pc)
> Sandia-sun (sun-5.8, sun-5.7 and sun-5.9)
> Huang-WinXP-x86_32 (msvc-8.0)
> RudbekAssociates-V2 (msvc-7.1 and msvc-8.0)
> siliconman (borland-5.8.2 and borland-5.9.2)
> bcbboost-l (borland-5.8.2)
> Huang-Vista-x64 (msvc-8.0_64 and msvc-8.0_x86_64)
> bcbboost (borland-5.9.2)
> HP-UX_aCC_PA-RISC (acc- pa_risc)
> I'm not sure about
> bcbboost-l (borland-5.6.4)
> siliconman (borland-5.6.4)
> unknown location(0): fatal error in "test_round_conversion_long_double":
> exponent of a floating-point operation is greater than the magnitude allowed by
> the corresponding type
> ..\libs\conversion\test\lexical_cast_loopback_test.cpp(47): last checkpoint
> but it's very likely that these two should be marked as expected as well.
> This set covers all currently failing lexical_cast_loopback_test results.

OK. You should go ahead and do the markup.

For those new to the markup system, it is done by editing
boost-root/status/explicit-failures-markup.xml. The format is more or
less self-explanatory.


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