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From: John Maddock (john_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-10-24 12:12:36

Eric Niebler wrote:
> I infer from the wrappers in tr1/random.hpp that Boost.Random is not
> TR1-compliant. What are the differences, and what is the plan for
> bringing Boost.Random into conformance?

Unfortunately there are quite a few open issues against Boost.Random, as
well as the interface being non-TR1 conforming.

> Also, are the wrappers in tr1/random.hpp TR1-compliant, or are there
> still some differences?

They're pretty much conforming on the interface front: from the TR1 docs:

"The Boost implementation has the following limitations:

* The linear_congruential generator is fully supported for signed integer
types only (unsigned types probably only work when the modulus is zero).
* The subtract_with_carry template does not support a modulus of zero.
* Not all of the standard generator types have Boost documentation yet, they
are none the less supported however.
* Class template variate_generator does not have a template unary function
call operator(), only the non-template nullary version.

Note also that most of the Random number generators have been re-implemented
as thin wrappers around the Boost versions in order to provide a standard
conforming interface (the Boost versions all take an additional, redundant,
template parameter, and are initialized by iterators rather than functors).

But those were just the issues I noticed when throwing the TR1
wrapper-headers together, you might want to look through the Trac
issues-list to see what else is outstanding.

HTH, John.

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