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From: Marshall Clow (marshall_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-11-09 16:57:47

[ 48 open tasks today, 24 two weeks ago ]

If you are maintaining a library, and have not logged into the trac system
at <>, please do so ASAP. Until you do that,
no tickets can be assigned to you, and will remain under "None".

Instructions on working with tickets can be found at:
and a mapping of user names to "real names" can be found at:

31 <Blank>
6 djowel
6 danieljames
5 grafik

<Blank> 1040 boost.devel archive at ActiveState disconnected
<Blank> 1256 root/more/BoostCon* content
<Blank> 1257 root/more/*.(jpg|gif|png|ico)
<Blank> 1265 root/tools/regression/xsl_reports/runner/instructions.rst content
<Blank> 1343 root/more/count_bdy.htm content
<Blank> 1344 root/more/cpp_committee_meetings.html
<Blank> 1345 root/more/cvs.html content
<Blank> 1346 root/more/discussion_policy.htm content
<Blank> 1347 root/more/error_handling.html content
<Blank> 1348 root/more/faq.htm content
<Blank> 1349 root/more/feature_model_diagrams.htm content
<Blank> 1351 root/more/formal_review_schedule.html
<Blank> 1352 root/more/generic_exception_safety.html content
<Blank> 1353 root/more/generic_programming.html
<Blank> 1354 root/more/header.htm
<Blank> 1355 root/more/imp_vars.htm
<Blank> 1358 root/more/library_reuse.htm
<Blank> 1359 root/more/license_info.html
<Blank> 1360 root/more/link.htm
<Blank> 1361 root/more/mailing_lists.html
<Blank> 1362 root/more/microsoft_vcpp.html
<Blank> 1363 root/more/moderators.html
<Blank> 1364 root/more/proposal.pdf
<Blank> 1365 root/more/regression.html
<Blank> 1366 root/more/release_mgr_checklist.html
<Blank> 1367 root/more/release_procedures.htm
<Blank> 1368 root/more/report-*-*.html
<Blank> 1370 root/more/separate_compilation.html
<Blank> 1372 root/more/test_policy.htm
<Blank> 1401 boost-root/index.html and getting started guide rework
<Blank> 1402 Files potentially needing merging from 1.34.1 back to trunk
danieljames 1250 root/people content
danieljames 1255 root/more/boost_soc_2006_overview.html content
danieljames 1259 root/more/bugs.htm content
danieljames 1357 root/more/lib_guide.htm
danieljames 1369 root/more/requesting_new_features.htm
danieljames 1374 root/more/version_history.html
djowel 1174 Simplified template arg handling
djowel 1175 What is punctuation?
djowel 1200 Revamp the header information
djowel 1245 Make Spirit grammars pass a non-const reference to self
djowel 1264 Add option to specify qbk file to use.
djowel 1279 Make sure multiple #import of a file imports the file only once.
grafik 1088 Docs for template escape feature.
grafik 1251 Implement RSS backend for Quickbook.
grafik 1325 implement website testing
grafik 93 Testing problems on AIX and OSF
grafik 94 Better reporting of failed expectation.

-- Marshall
Marshall Clow     Qualcomm, Inc.   <mailto:mclow_at_[hidden]>
The famous British scientist, Lord Kelvin, said:  "When you measure 
what you are speaking about and express it in numbers, you know 
something about it, but when you cannot (or do not) measure it, when 
you cannot (or do not) express it in numbers, then your knowledge is 
of a meagre and unsatisfactory kind."

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