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From: Marshall Clow (marshall_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-11-21 13:34:11

[ 220 open bugs today, 226 yesterday ]
Keep up the good work!

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20 ramey
19 dgregor
17 az_sw_dude
14 djowel
12 grafik
12 doug_gregor
11 turkanis
9 dave
9 None
8 johnmaddock
7 agurtovoy
6 vladimir_prus
6 jsiek
6 bemandawes
6 anthonyw
5 witt
5 rogeeff
5 igaztanaga
4 pdimov
3 shammah
3 nesotto
3 jmaurer
3 jbandela
3 danielw
2 urzuga
2 t_schwinger
2 pavol_droba
2 nasonov
2 matias
2 marshall
2 ebf
1 speedsnail
1 samuel_krempp
1 niels_dekker
1 kaalus
1 joaquin
1 hkaiser
1 guwi17
1 dlwalker
1 aaron_windsor
1 <Blank>

<Blank> 1307 [lambda] invalid boostbook
None 1048 Spirit returns full = false in 1.34 if there is trailing
spaces in input
None 1068 Mersenne twister disables streaming for Visual C++
None 1094 Finding the correct library to link (feature request for
pkg-config support)h
None 1222 lambda::ret<T> should declare result_type.
None 1247 Typos in "boost/random/additive_combine.hpp"_ lines 68-69
None 1270 uniform_smallint doesn't compile with lagged_fibonacci
random number generators
None 1342 dylib library names broken in Mac OS X
None 1407 Boost is doesn't install on MacPorts using Leopard
None 1423 MSVC uniform int workaround not required for VC++ 2008
aaron_windsor 778 top-level configure is broken
agurtovoy 1001 gcc 4.1.2 segfaults on mpl/test/apply.cpp
agurtovoy 1051 MPL header ordering triggers bug
agurtovoy 1099 unable to iterate through a "non-explicitly-declared" mpl::set
agurtovoy 1215 Boost 1.34.1_ mpl: Wrong workaround detection using
MinGW32 (or.hpp_ line #33)
agurtovoy 1317 has_xxx randomly broken in msvc
agurtovoy 588 mpl::remove compile error with gcc 4.1.0
agurtovoy 640 documentation mistake
anthonyw 1154 tss destruction segfaults in conjunction with dlopen/dlclose
anthonyw 1168 [thread] tss crashes randomly
anthonyw 1268 xtime_cmp changes to deal with overflow were reverted
anthonyw 1449 jrp
anthonyw 876 xtime documentation incomplete
anthonyw 881 errors when build with Apache stdcxx
az_sw_dude 1028 typo in boost header: date_time/time_defs.hpp
az_sw_dude 1078 from_iso_string cannot read the output from to_iso_string
az_sw_dude 1098 Urgent libboost-date-time1.33.1 : bugs on ia64 ?
az_sw_dude 1147 date_time library contains global #define ERROR
az_sw_dude 1160 warning: month_format shadows a member of this
az_sw_dude 1162 warning: ticks shadows a member of this
az_sw_dude 1289 posix_time::time_facet forgets to pass a_ref argument
to base class
az_sw_dude 1299 change in typedef stringstream_type in
format_date_parser.hpp causing compilation error
az_sw_dude 1306 invalid docbook in date_period.xml
az_sw_dude 1384 Linking problem with date_time library on Visual C++
2008 Express
az_sw_dude 1386 date_time documentation Jamfile breaks building of boost docs
az_sw_dude 287 wrong usage of ios_base::narrow
az_sw_dude 316 date_time type conversion warning
az_sw_dude 604 from_ftime incorrectly processes FILETIME filled with zeros
az_sw_dude 642 operator<< for gregorian::date_duration not found
az_sw_dude 889 Insane Dependencies
az_sw_dude 890 date_time library supports only the current dst rule
bemandawes 1230 mbstate uninitialized
bemandawes 1378 filesystem path invalid name for hidden files (LINUX)
bemandawes 1389 filesystem::ostream << boost::format generates
operator ambigious error (in MSVC++)
bemandawes 1441 character "+" is invalid for boost::filesystem
bemandawes 1458 Darwin Tiger throws std::runtime_error:
locale::facet::_S_create_c_locale name not valid
bemandawes 752 directory_iterator doesn't work with catch
danielw 1044 Argument pack inaccessable in a functions return type
danielw 1054 Parameter takes an "infinite" amount of time to compile
with the Intel compiler.
danielw 1097 keyword.hpp generates many warnings C4180: qualifier
applied to function type has no meaning; ignored
dave 1010 linking boost.python on freebsd
dave 1019 iterator_facade::pointer should be the return type of
operator-> (DR 445)
dave 1085 Python rules for compiling in Mac OS X
dave 1179 [boost.python] can not export a union in VC2005sp1
dave 1181 [boost.python] can modify enum value
dave 1387 Review / update docs to reflect changes
dave 1460 Python classes with multiple bases are convertible only to
the first class in the lists
dave 865 Use of C++0x keyword as identifier
dave 910 gcc strict-aliasing problems with python
dgregor 1002 [iostreams] close_impl<closable_tag> does not comply with spec
dgregor 1003 [iostreams] copy-paste error in typedefs for wchar
dgregor 1139 [iostreams] Regex filter segfaults when zero matches found
dgregor 1140 boost::iostreams linked_streambuf bug
dgregor 1149 Minor doc error in basic_null_device
dgregor 1164 Floyd Warshall broken with unsigned edge weights
dgregor 1185 iostreams::direct_streambuf<T_Tr>::is_open always
returns false if output iterator is not null
dgregor 1192 [boostbook] problem when two files have the same name
dgregor 1199 configure doesn't work with path containing whitespaces (MacOS X)
dgregor 1232 mapped_file_source::is_open() is broken under windows
dgregor 1310 [result_of] const-qualified function pointer doesn't work
dgregor 1326 Unable to check graph isomorphism using LEDA adapter
dgregor 1391 dominator_tree_test on Borland/CodeGear outputs overly long line
dgregor 1394 Translate libs/graph/build/python/Jamfile to BBv2
dgregor 1395 Write Tests for Python Bindings
dgregor 1416 Warnings from Boost.Function need suppression.
dgregor 556 Bundled graph properties
dgregor 732 Johnson All-Pairs needs better "no path" information
dgregor 736 Const correctness violation
djowel 1096 Tutorial needs updating for BBv2
djowel 1170 Emit Warnings instead of # symbols in the syntax highlighter
djowel 1171 Quickbook title output
djowel 1172 non-utf
djowel 1176 Space after inline code
djowel 1206 Escaping from within code?
djowel 1273 CR+LF newlines in position_iterator
djowel 1276 spirit problem with _GLIBCXX_DEBUG
djowel 1277 Closing section like [pre with } causes Quickbok to crash
djowel 1280 sections in imported source files get put inside <para>
elements in docbook output
djowel 1281 Quickbook produces invalid BoostBook/DocBook XML
djowel 1324 tuple should have a swap() that operates element-by-element
djowel 1396 wrong result_of invocation around transform_view
djowel 1436 [quickbook] inline code inside headings
dlwalker 613 boost/crc.hpp uses non-standard conforming syntax
doug_gregor 1021 [Graph][reverse_graph] Problem using reverse_graph
adapter with an adapted user defined graph
doug_gregor 1076 compile error: disconnecting struct with
operator()() doesn't work in VS2005 SP1
doug_gregor 375 LEDA graph adaptors do not handle hidden nodes properly
doug_gregor 402 random_vertex/random_edge are unnecessarily inefficient
doug_gregor 403 Document copy_component
doug_gregor 447 reverse_graph and constness of property maps
doug_gregor 708 Dijkstra no_init version should not require VertexListGraph
doug_gregor 733 Numbered headers don't work with "preferred" syntax
doug_gregor 735 Fruchterman-Reingold grid performance can be improved
doug_gregor 738 Memory leaks with signal::connect?
doug_gregor 829 Implicit graph not implement
doug_gregor 852 Problem with Boost and GCC 4.1
ebf 965 [doc] boost::variant tutorial - final example uses v1_v2
should be seq1_seq2
ebf 993 Variant should use least common multiple of alignments_
rather than maximum
grafik 1041 Cygwin requires PATH setting.
grafik 1062 Cygwin install stage fails with combination of patches
grafik 1322 trac rejects patch attachment as spam
grafik 1417 Regresson tests hang in Darwin (Tiger)
grafik 1430 Regression fails under Cygwin
grafik 1433 Trac's spam detection rejects too many valid messages
grafik 1445 Document @() bjam feature.
grafik 1447 Document `__TIMING_RULE__`
grafik 1448 Document `__ACTION_RULE__`
grafik 616 Boost Jam_ and non english directorys
grafik 959 linking fails when Boost is compiled with STLport 5.1.* on
Linux (names mismatch)
grafik 986 Problem building Python modules on boost 1.34.0
guwi17 1237 Resizing symmetric matrices
hkaiser 1079 boost-1.34.0 fails to compile. concept checks not satisfied.
igaztanaga 1080 boost::interprocess win32 global file mapping issue
igaztanaga 1210 interprocess::barrier hangs during second use under
linux (boost 1.33.1)
igaztanaga 1231 interprocess_condition (emulated) hangs after notify_all().
igaztanaga 1390 Interpocess: managed shared memory failing completely
under OS X
igaztanaga 1453 gcc 4.3.0 seems to need a <cstring> to pull in the
necessary std:: functions
jbandela 283 Compiler error for tokenizer on Solaris
jbandela 501 token_iterator::at_end() result is inversed
jbandela 665 bug in char_separator
jmaurer 351 Diff in state of mersenne_twister gen between GCC3.41 & CW9
jmaurer 599 uniform_01 copies engine instead of using a reference
jmaurer 819 uniform_int<> with type's maximum availaible range error
joaquin 1429 multi_index - test_update invokes UAC under Vista and so
test not run ...
johnmaddock 1081 Empty string rejected as perl-style regex
johnmaddock 1083 boost_regex 1.34.0 uses ICU library without linking to it
johnmaddock 1314 Using SSE-intrinsics in VC8 causes static assert in
johnmaddock 1440 libs/config/test/link/Jamfile.v2 confuses process_jam_log
johnmaddock 1446 POSIX API doesn't use C locale
johnmaddock 1451 error: use of C99 long long integer constant
johnmaddock 1455 gcc 4.3.0 requires main to take 0 or 2 arguments
jsiek 416 Spelling of Edmonds-Karp-Algorithm
jsiek 575 Calling subgraph::global_to_local on a root graph
jsiek 636 strange compiling problem for transitive_closure
jsiek 815 remove_edge core dumps on self-circle
jsiek 875 No iterator based constructor for adjacency_matrix
jsiek 900 graphml reader namespace handling is broken
kaalus 1184 property_tree assignment (operator) bug
marshall 1252 [pool] severe overhead with unaligned sizes.
marshall 991 [pool]
matias 1406 Understanding the Tables outdated
matias 1434 Boost.Preprocessor_ small fix for the documentation
nasonov 1220 lexical_cast requires RTTI
nasonov 754 boost::any - typeid comparison across shared boundaries
nesotto 1284 [range] sub_range assignment issue
nesotto 1464 boost_range_array unused in several array_size() functions
nesotto 723 local_time_facet error in VS2005 Win2003
niels_dekker 1459 value_initialized leaves data uninitialized_ when
using Borland
pavol_droba 1152 rle_example fails
pavol_droba 1385 begin must be boost-qualified
pdimov 1106 shared_ptr<T> should not convert to shared_ptr<U> when T*
doesn't convert to U*
pdimov 1108 shared_ptr does not compile under g++ with -fno-rtti
pdimov 1444 scoped_ptr::operator== should be equivalent to
a.get()==b.get()_ but is currently !!a==!!b
pdimov 997 error in boost::bind doc
ramey 1036 assert failure in oserializer.hpp:418
ramey 1038 "<" and ">" should be excaped in xml_oarchive
ramey 1086 Serialization of weak_ptr produces invalid XML
ramey 1089 missing boost::serialization::make_nvp in pointer container library
ramey 1121 xml_archive_exception is missing seperate header file_ and
documentation mismatch
ramey 1137 Virtual destructor is missing
ramey 1141 Dangerious operator<< for wostream
ramey 1142 boost/serialization/optional doesn't include necessary header
ramey 1223 boost::serialization chokes on correcly formatted empty XML element
ramey 1267 Assertion `new_cid == cid' failed in basic_iarchive
ramey 1285 [serialization] problem when including shared_ptr_132.hpp
ramey 1286 Missing/Incorrect dllimport/dllexport directives prevent
Windows DLLs from building
ramey 1290 Serialization export.hpp (or type_info_implementation.hpp)
is NOT self-contained and causes compile error
ramey 1382 Missing #pragma warning(pop) in void_cast.hpp
ramey 1443 deserialization from text_iarchive is not thread-safe
ramey 1457 boost/serialization/complex.hpp: double & should be double?
ramey 757 xml serialization fails when using namespace
ramey 961 boost::basic_binary_oprimitive not instantiated correctly
ramey 968 xml_grammar - incorrect define char
ramey 969 basic_binary_iprimitive::load_binary bug
rogeeff 1244 Broken links to unit test examples
rogeeff 1311 Can't call base members on derived object in unit_test
rogeeff 1318 http links have gone bad in boost.test documentation
rogeeff 1383 signal.h features not found on Mac OS
rogeeff 1439 Test doesn't work properly in release builds
samuel_krempp 859 boost::format ignores a user defined locale
shammah 284 pool::purge_memory() does not reset next_size
shammah 290 perfomance: memory cleanup for pool takes too long
shammah 386 boost::pool_allocator breaks with vector of vectors
speedsnail 1138 Problems with TSS and static thread library
t_schwinger 1100 Building boost.function_types fails cvs rev-1.1_ no
chdir command in bash
t_schwinger 1332 Inclusion of non existing file
boost/fusion/sequence/utility/unpack_args.hpp in
turkanis 1033 iostreams::restrict doesn't work on an iostreams::file_source
turkanis 1070 [iostreams]boost\iostreams\copy.hpp line80 copy_impl
turkanis 525 problem with boost::iostreams when compiled with Visual C++
turkanis 699 Changing size of memory-mapped file on Windows
turkanis 786 bug in iostreams/copy.hpp line 81
turkanis 791 iostreams::tee_filter is for output only
turkanis 817 Performance problem in iostreams
turkanis 822 Incorrect usage of bad_write()_ bad_seek() etc.
turkanis 823 Seekable file_descriptor_source /sink?
turkanis 824 BOOST_IOSTREAMS_HAS_LSEEK64 on Mac OS X
turkanis 856 iostreams file_descriptor::write fails under Win32
urzuga 574 [boost::lambda] Compile error with libstdc++ debug mode
urzuga 781 Lambda: (_1 + "y")(string("x")) Doesn't Compile
vladimir_prus 1165 more quoting problems
vladimir_prus 1274 Useless error message
vladimir_prus 1275 boost::program_options::validation_error::what() is private
vladimir_prus 1321 invalid docbook in tool documentation
vladimir_prus 469 multitoken broken
vladimir_prus 689 [program_options] Endless loop with long default arguments
witt 1046 Boost.Python quickstart instructions mention nonexistent target
witt 583 Fixes for build on IBM pSeries for AIX and Linux
witt 834 Homepage regression links
witt 957 The "Getting Started" page does not mention the stdlib option
witt 973 zip_iterator has value_type == reference

-- Marshall
Marshall Clow     Qualcomm, Inc.   <mailto:mclow_at_[hidden]>
The famous British scientist, Lord Kelvin, said:  "When you measure 
what you are speaking about and express it in numbers, you know 
something about it, but when you cannot (or do not) measure it, when 
you cannot (or do not) express it in numbers, then your knowledge is 
of a meagre and unsatisfactory kind."

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