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From: shunsuke (pstade.mb_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-11-22 02:45:58

Joel de Guzman wrote:
> shunsuke wrote:
>> I tend to think `value_at` of transform_view should be the same as
>> `result_of::deref` of transform_view.
>> I'm not sure, though.
> value_at (as well as value_of) returns (essentially):
> f(value_at<s>)
> while at (as well as deref) returns (essentially):
> f(at<s>)
> alas, this uncovers a bug in the implementation where value_at
> does not follow above.

What is a bug?
Is there any pitfall if `value_at` is the same as `at` under transform_view?

> You got me thinking though. It could very well be that you are correct!
> Perhaps we need the same behavior for both at/deref and value_at/value_of.
> My thinking, OTOH, is that both should get the value_at of the underlying
> sequence. Hence, transform(vector<int, int&>, f) will trigger
> f this way:
> int ---> f::result<f(int)>
> int& ---> f::result<f(int&)>

No, when vector<int, int&> is mutable lvalue,
f should be able to access the mutable int.

int --> f::result<f(int&)>
int& --> f::result<f(int&)>

The current deref works like this unless as_vector is used.
It's ok.


     #include <boost/fusion/include/as_vector.hpp>
     #include <boost/fusion/include/transform_view.hpp>
     #include <boost/fusion/include/vector.hpp>
     #include <boost/fusion/include/at.hpp>
     #include <boost/fusion/include/begin.hpp>

     struct identity
         template<class FunCall>
         struct result;

         template<class Fun>
         struct result<Fun(int&)>
             typedef int& type;

         int& operator()(int& i) const
             return i;

     void test()
         // This compiles fine.
         typedef boost::fusion::vector<int, int> from_t;
         from_t from(10, 20);
         boost::fusion::transform_view<from_t, ::identity> v(from, ::identity());
         *boost::fusion::begin(v) = 999;
         BOOST_CHECK(boost::fusion::at_c<0>(from) == 999);

         //boost::fusion::as_vector(v); // error!

Here, as_vector calls value_of. Hence,

int --> f::result<f(int)>

My poor identity doesn't compile.
IMHO, as_vector should be able to return vector<int&, int&>.

Once as_vector intervenes, FunctionObject can't access mutable elements in a tuple.
For example, mutable STL iterator can't be returned from std::string in a tuple.


Shunsuke Sogame

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