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From: Jeff Garland (jeff_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-12-07 10:28:17

Richard Newman wrote:
> Ping. It's been a couple of days since I posted this. Not to be too
> impatient, but does anyone have any advice or is the most appropriate
> person to reply off list right now?
> Regards,
> Richard
> Richard Newman wrote:
>> I know that sometime ago before the release of 1.34 that Asio was
>> accepted as a Boost library, but I've lost track of its status. It
>> doesn't appear in the libraries documentation (at least not in
>> the main page of or in the
>> boost distribution.
>> We've been on boost 1.33 with an older snapshot of asio's source. We're
>> looking to update to boost 1.34.1 which is not playing nice with our
>> older snapshot.
>> I know we can go to asio.sourceforge to update the snapshot, but is
>> there an official "supported"/released version of Asio we're supposed to
>> use with the formal 1.34.1 boost release? We don't want to just drop in
>> some recent not-ready-for-prime-time intermediate version, but one that
>> we can reasonably trust as verified with 1.34.1. In essence, we want to
>> have our use of Asio in line with however it is best aligned with how
>> Boost intends to bring it in.

You should be able to make the latest asio snapshot work with 1.34.1 -- you
would need to pull the 'system' library from subversion, however, to do this
since it depends on this library now. That's a change from older versions. I
haven't looked to see if Chris has updated the instructions somewhere, but
it's not that hard to do. This change is a result of standardization work --
'system' is targeted to be part of c++0x and provides a core for error
handling related to OS interfaces.

>> Are there non-Boost, non-Asio dependencies required for such a version?
>> We're also trying to limit the bounds of non-Boost libraries we include.
>> Is there a committed time table for releasing (and documenting) Asio as
>> a first class citizen in Boost's release, so we don't have to reach
>> outside of Boost's formal release process?

Asio will be in the 1.35 release of Boost which we are trying to complete
before year end. So if you can wait a bit longer the problem should just go away.

>> Please feel free to direct me to another thread if this has recently
>> been discussed elsewhere.

This is the right place....sorry you had to ask twice...


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