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From: Allen (allenguan_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-12-20 19:07:13

Hi, Doug,

I just following the message showing on
December 19, 2007 - Cricial Bug in Function Library

     * Boost.Function in Boost 1.34.x has a bug that affects the
construction of Boost.Function objects in a multi-threaded context. The
problem has been fixed in the Boost trunk and for the upcoming Boost
1.35.x. To patch your Boost 1.34.x, copy the files function_base.hpp and
function_template.hpp into the Boost directory boost/function.

and copied the function_base.hpp and function_template.hpp from the
trunk and overwrite my boost 1.34.1, when I tried to compile it, it
gives lots of errors, let me copy some of them, I am wondering how to
solve it(I am using visual studio 2005):
.\boost/function/function_template.hpp(562) : error C2039:
'unary_function' : is not a member of 'std'
         .\boost/function/function_template.hpp(792) : see reference to
class template instantiation 'boost::function1<R,
T0,Allocator>' being compiled
.\boost/function/function_template.hpp(562) : error C2504:
'unary_function' : base class undefined
.\boost/function/function_template.hpp(562) : error C2143: syntax error
: missing ',' before '<'
.\boost/function/function_template.hpp(566) : error C2039:
'binary_function' : is not a member of 'std'
         .\boost/function/function_template.hpp(792) : see reference to
class template instantiation 'boost::function2<R,
T0,T1,Allocator>' being compiled
.\boost/function/function_template.hpp(566) : error C2504:
'binary_function' : base class undefined
.\boost/function/function_template.hpp(566) : error C2143: syntax error
: missing ',' before '<'



Douglas Gregor wrote:
> Phil Endecott wrote:
>> Dear All,
>> In November Sergey Skorniakov wrote to this list asking about the
>> non-thread-safety of Boost.Function and consequently of Boost.Thread
>> itself. Steven Watanbee replied pointing out that the problem is
>> resolved in the trunk. See:
>> My thought at the time was "chocolate teapot". I put understanding
>> this issue on my to-do list and it has finally got to the top.
>> However, looking at the trac pages that Steven linked to, I am none the
>> wiser; they contain patches but with no comments in the code and don't
>> mention thread safety in the commit messages.
> The root of the problem was some dynamic initialization in the vtable
> code, which is rarely (if ever?) thread-safe. The problem is that the
> compiler turns code like this:
> static T some_value = foo();
> Into something like this:
> static bool some_value_initialized;
> static T some_value;
> if (!some_value_initialized) {
> some_value_initialized = true;
> some_value = foo();
> }
>> So can someone please help me understand the scope of this problem? i.e.
>> - Are all uses of Boost.Function affected, or only certain uses (e.g.
>> member functions vs. free functions)?
> All uses.
>> - What exactly is the race between? E.g. if I know that I'll never
>> create two threads at the same time, do I still need to worry about
>> other uses of Boost.Function that may be concurrent? Is the race
>> between creating the function objects or between using them, or both?
> The race will occur if you construct or assign to two boost::function
> objects:
> - that have the same type, and
> - with target function objects of the same type, and
> - you have never completely constructed/assigned to a
> boost::function object of that type with that target function object type
>> - Can I avoid the problem by using a new version of Boost.Function,
>> without upgrading other libraries? (Is Boost.Function header-only?)
> Yes, you can grab function_base.hpp and function_template.hpp from the
> Boost trunk, overwrite the ones in 1.34.1, and you'll be fine. You
> should recompile anything that depends on Function (e.g., the threads
> library), but Function itself is header-only.
>> - What would the symptom of failure be? I'm currently debugging a
>> double-free somewhere below std::string::assign, which is probably unrelated.
> The symptom is a segmentation fault inside Boost.Function itself,
> because one thread's initialization of the vtable (a static) has claimed
> to be complete (e.g., some_value_initialized has been set to true) and
> another thread comes through and tries to dereference the NULL vtable
> pointer (which the other thread is filling in), then dies. If you've hit
> this problem, you'd know; it's very limited in scope.
>> I'm also curious to know how much more serious than this a bug would
>> need to be before a Boost release would be recalled, or a new
>> point-release released, or an announcement made on the Boost web page
>> (which links to bugs fixed in 1.34.1, but not bugs introduced). Surely
>> there aren't many users of Boost.Thread who are happy to use a
>> non-thread-safe thread library.....
> This should have gone on the web page, at the very least, and I'll do so
> now.
> - Doug
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