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From: Gennadiy Rozental (rogeeff_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-12-23 19:30:33

"Jens Seidel" <jensseidel_at_[hidden]> wrote in message
> To show you that I really read (at least up to UTF) the documenation I
> mention
> a few errors in it:
> * "provide provide"


> * "link with libunit_test_framework.lib"
> that's platform specific!!!


> * "The reasons for this error is that in your implementation you should
> specify second argument of init_unit_test_suite exactly as in a
> specification, i.e.: char* []."
> s/as in a specification/as in the specification/ (I first read e.g.
> instead of i.e. which confused me even more, maybe you should avoid
> "i.e.".)


> * "Finish update for CLA support"
> What is CLA?

I removed abbriviation

> * Remove two or three full stops in the enumeration

What do you mean?

> * "Better Unicode support (reports and log in wostream)"
> Sorry, I don't see any relation of wostream and Unicode!
> You mean UTF16 encoding? UTF8 should work fine with both
> ostream and wostream, right?

I 'll be more equipped to to answer this once I start doing this.

> * "Also The Execution Monitor"
> s/The/the/


> * Page misses a "next" link to

This is being reworked.

> * Link to libs/test/execution_monitor.cpp does not work

should work now

> * "wraps a several system headers"
> s/a//


> * "other then include boost/test/minimal.hpp"
> s/include/including/
> * "This approach is are similar" (belongs to folded text for example 4)
> s/are//


> * "why testing worth the effort"
> s/testing/testing is/


> * "As a result my test suite became to look like this:"
> Wrong example!!! data_access_test() was expected


> * "Alternatively in you can employ"
> s/in//


> * "with the static library or single-header variants of the UTF requires
> the
> specific function specification."
> Check this! s/specification/signature/, s/specific/original/?

No, namely specification: both signature and function name. And it's quite
specific. I agree it doesn't sound right though.

Thanks for your comments.


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