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From: Gennadiy Rozental (rogeeff_at_[hidden])
Date: 2008-01-08 12:04:09

James Talbut <James.Talbut <at>> writes:

> >From searching, this was last discussed in Sep 2003, but didn't come to
> an adequate conclusion - and things have changed since then anyway.
> Including prg_exec_monitor.hpp on VS2005 produces the following warning:
> execution_monitor.ipp(216) : warning C4535: calling _set_se_translator()
> requires /EHa

In fact latest version of Boost.Test (see svn) doesn't use _set_se_translator
for SE handling. In only used to implement "throw;" trick in case user
requested not to catch SE.
> It is my opinion that the use of _set_se_translator here is a mistake
> for the following reasons:
> 1. It doesn't achieve what it's trying to achieve if my test
> involves multiple threads.
> The translator is thread specific and there is no way for my
> thread function to apply the translator (especially not when I may not
> have access to the thread function).

a) Boost.Test is not thread safe anyway at the moment
b) Thread-specific translator is what we would need in this case anyway, right?

> 2. It requires the use of /EHa which has an effect on the code
> being run.
> Code under test should be run using the same options as release,
> and /EHa is not appropriate for (most) release code.

a) I recommend testing debug builds
b) You can always add /EHa to your release build options. It may affect
performace of your application, but this is notthe point, right?

> 3. If I've really triggered a system fault then I can no longer
> trust the state of my app, so I cannot rely on it to correctly report
> its problem.
> I may have just destroyed the stack, attempting to unwind is
> just going to cause more problems - system errors should be handled
> externally.

Message above is only a warning. If you don't specify /EHa SE are not going to
be caught anyway. The same result can be achieved by using --
catch_system_errors=no in case if you did specify above option during
compilation. Both cases shoudl serve your purpose.


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