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From: John Torjo (john.groups_at_[hidden])
Date: 2008-02-05 22:06:30

> the log file. Either useful data is buried (cannot be extracted) or
> inconsistently represented.
> Some examples of representation;
> After completion there were 3 leftovers and ...
> After completion there were <3> leftovers and ...
> After completion there were <3!unsigned int> leftovers and ...
> After completion there were <3!unsigned int/matching_profile> leftovers and
The last representation : what does "/matching_profile" mean?
Based on what you've just printed above, how would you see the 3 value
above? Like this:
unsigned int leftovers_count;

If so, the first 3 representations would be rather easy to implement.
> ...
> You might argue that your library does not prevent such output. Which would
Indeed so ;)

> be true. What I am suggesting is that a Boost logging library should provide
> explicit solutions to such issues. With such formalizations in place a much
Actually, I would expect a Boost Format library to handle those issues.
> more ambitious viewer can be developed, giving a richer user experience than
> notepad
> or nano. Analysis can be more accurate, reliable and ambitious.
I'm all for that. However, I'd rather have a layer on top of Boost
Logging, or completely separated, to handle your specific case, than to
force the users onto the above scenario.
> b) A customer requires a low-cost, low-tech, highly robust audit trail of
> all activity on their system. It is decided to log all events into text
> files. Each
> event involves a time, a unique identifier and a list of zero or more
> runtime
> values (i.e. parameters).
About "event involving a time, unique id, list of ..." - could we be
talking about tags?
I believe those should actually be what you want:
> If I could write something like;
> #include <boost/logging.hpp>
> void test_mul_levels_one_logger() {
> L_ << "hello world";}
I see you've posted a different email regarding to this - I'll answer
that in a different email.


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