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From: K. Noel Belcourt (kbelco_at_[hidden])
Date: 2008-02-08 12:43:44


Both these Jamfiles


contain this line


which is, unfortunately, not recognized by the Intel compilers on

"/opt/intel/cc/9.1.037/bin/icpc" -xc++ -w1 -O0 -g -fPIC -Qwd264,239 /
nologo -Ob0 -vec-report0 -DBOOST_ALL_NO_LIB=1 -
DBOOST_REGEX_DYN_LINK=1 -I".." -c -o "/private/tmp/kbelco/boost/
darwin-9.1/debug/macosx-version-10.4/std_real_concept_check.o" "../

icpc: Command line warning: ignoring unknown option '-Qwd264,239'

It may be as easy to fix as this:


but this is untested. Hmmm, that /nologo option looks like a Windows
specific option as well.

Here's the man page for -Q for Intel on darwin.

    Component Control
        This section describes component control options. You can
direct the
        compiler to specify alternate tools for preprocessing,
        assembly, and linking. Further, you can invoke options
specific to
        your alternate tools on the command line. These are the
component con-
        trol options.

        -Qinstall <dir>
               Set <dir> as the root of the compiler installation.

               Set <path> as the location of the tool specified
by <tool>.
               <tool> may be cpp, c, asm, or ld. <path> is the
complete path to
               the tool. For example:

                  -Qlocation,gas,<path> Specifies the GNU assembler.

                  -Qlocation,gld,<path> Specifies the GNU linker.

               Pass options <optlist> to the tool specified by
<tool>. <tool>
               may be cpp, c, asm, or ld. The <optlist> argument
indicates one
               or more valid argument strings for the designated
program. If
               the argument is a command-line option, you must
include the
               hyphen. If the argument contains a space or tab
character, you
               must enclose the entire argument in quotation
characters ("").
               You must separate multiple arguments with commas.

-- Noel

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