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From: Mikael Olenfalk (mikael.olenfalk_at_[hidden])
Date: 2008-03-04 06:47:40

Hi everybody!

I saw that you are starting to think about SoC 08 and I have a couple of

I cannot vouch for the usefulness of any of these proposals :)

   1. Boost.Asio
   1. add support for SCTP (Stream Control Transmission Protocol) besides
      TCP and UDP
   - more information on SCTP can be found on
         - I have not yet used SCTP anywhere so I cannot actually
         judge its importance, the *NIXes seem to support SCTP for
some time now, I
         am unsure about Windows but it looks like Vista and Server
2008 do support
         - All *NIXes use the SCTP socket api
         - I do not know what the API on windows for SCTP looks
      1. add support for BEEP on top of TCP
         - BEEP is an "application protocol framework", basically
         it is just a set of guidelines packaged for application
protocol design,
         which solves common problems one faces when designing new application
         - contains more information
         - lists current
         toolkits for BEEP
      2. Boost.Serialization
      1. add archive types for ASN.1 encoding rules, e.g. BER, DER,
      EDER, XER, etc. to be used together with Boost.Asio or perhaps
      even Boost.Asio.Beep (not that beep forces you to use any
      specific encoding)
      2. Wikipedia has links and information:
         3. Boost.Asn1 (for lack of better name)
      1. Boost.Spirit-like DSEL for embedding ASN.1 notation directly
      in C++; then you could "easily" implement ASN.1 based protocols
      without the need for code generation outside of your C++ compiler
      2. see
more information on
      3. This might overlap with proposal 2 for Boost.Serialization
      4. Finish Boost.Process (I think that it was a SoC 2007 or 2006

With kind regards,

Mikael Olenfalk

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