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From: Larry Evans (cppljevans_at_[hidden])
Date: 2008-03-12 10:29:47

On 03/12/08 08:22, Max Motovilov wrote:
>> A solution is posted here:
>> It would be interesting to compare the two solutions. The exercise just
>> specified 2 input sequences whereas your's allows (I guess)
>> any n>0 number of input sequences.
> No, they don't look similar. As far as I can tell from a one-minute
> look, the solution is simply a nested for_each loop and does not provide
> an actual sequence adapter, despite the name cross_product_view.
 From one of your previous post's, the output is a crossproduct which
requires a nested for_each loop to printout first the rows
and for each row the elements in that row. That's the only reason
for the static print_each and struct element_printer.
I realize now that should have been commented to indicate it was
not part of the solution but only used to demonstrate the
correctness, which I hoped the printout:

Running 2 test cases...

would have demonstrated.

Also, I am not sure that cross_product_view:

    does not provide an actual sequence adapter

because the superclass of cross_product_view is a transform_view and the
first page of chapter 7 states:

   A sequence view ... is a lazy adapter

So, in view of that, could you explain why it's not a sequence adapter?

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