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From: Eric Niebler (eric_at_[hidden])
Date: 2008-03-13 14:15:57

Hi Markus,

Markus Werle wrote:
> Having hard times to catch the ideas of the construct_ example.
> First of all: There are 2 typos in the definition of construct:

Sorry for the typos! Thanks for catching them.

> To keep it off the other thread that I will continue later this day:
> Could you please remark in the docs with big red letters that make_expr
> is a type in namespace proto::functional and a function in namespace
> proto and why name clashes won't appear?
> I do not like that naming convention, mainly because I cannot remember the
> rules for the compiler for cases where both are visible.
> And yes, if you remember, I like to learn them again - now.

If you bring them both into scope, the names will clash. There shouldn't
be a need to ever bring the proto::functional namespace into scope, so
there shouldn't be a problem.

My approach to free functions in Proto is as follows: For each free
function template proto::X, there is a class template
proto::result_of::X which calculates the result type of proto::X. (Here
I'm following existing practice established by Fusion.) There is also a
class or class template proto::functional::X which is the function
object equivalent of proto::X. These are provided as a convenience. I've
had enough occasions to need them myself that I decided to provide them.

> Also for beginners like me it would be nice to have struct construct_ be
> renamed to constructor. The '_' is easily overlooked at midnight
> when you print 2 pages on one as I did.
> And that text is not for the faint-hearted anyway.


> Note that I'd prefer code repetition in this example:
> please add definitions for _1 and _2, better: a complete, compilable
> example, see next section:

Yes, I'll build a complete example around this.

> Trouble
> --------
> Below is code that does not compile. I get the impression that
> this led to the confusion in the other thread: I cannot see how
> proto::eval drops in in the std::transform call.
> Please correct the code in order to make it work.

In the construct() section in the docs I say, "Making it work with
std::transform() takes a little more effort, but that's covered in the
Calc2 example," and I provide a link to the example. Getting
std::transform() to invoke proto::eval() involves proto::extends<>,
which I haven't talked about yet at that point.

A better approach would be to provide a complete working construct()
example and provide a link to that. In that spirit, I have added a
Lambda example that shows a working construct() in action. HTH.

Eric Niebler
Boost Consulting

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