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From: Anthony Williams (anthony_w.geo_at_[hidden])
Date: 2008-03-15 18:59:11

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Boost.Thread New Features

    * Instances of boost::thread and of the various lock types are now movable.

    * Threads can be interrupted at interruption points.

    * Condition variables can now be used with any type that implements the
Lockable concept, through the use of boost::condition_variable_any
(boost::condition is a typedef to boost::condition_variable_any, provided for
backwards compatibility). boost::condition_variable is provided as an
optimization, and will only work with boost::unique_lock<boost::mutex>

    * Thread IDs are separated from boost::thread, so a thread can obtain it's
own ID (using boost::this_thread::get_id()), and IDs can be used as keys in
associative containers, as they have the full set of comparison operators.

    * Timeouts are now implemented using the Boost DateTime library, through a
typedef boost::system_time for absolute timeouts, and with support for relative
timeouts in many cases. boost::xtime is supported for backwards compatibility

    * Locks are implemented as publicly accessible templates boost::lock_guard,
boost::unique_lock, boost::shared_lock, and boost::upgrade_lock, which are
templated on the type of the mutex. The Lockable concept has been extended to
include publicly available lock() and unlock() member functions, which are used
by the lock types.

Boost.Thread Breaking Changes

    * boost::try_mutex has been removed, and the functionality subsumed into
boost::mutex. boost::try_mutex is left as a typedef, but is no longer a separate

    * boost::recursive_try_mutex has been removed, and the functionality
subsumed into boost::recursive_mutex. boost::recursive_try_mutex is left as a
typedef, but is no longer a separate class.

    * boost::detail::thread::lock_ops has been removed. Code that relies on the
lock_ops implementation detail will no longer work, as this has been removed, as
it is no longer necessary now that mutex types now have public lock() and
unlock() member functions.

    * scoped_lock constructors with a second parameter of type bool are no
longer provided. With previous boost releases,

      boost::mutex::scoped_lock some_lock(some_mutex,false);

      could be used to create a lock object that was associated with a mutex,
but did not lock it on construction. This facility has now been replaced with
the constructor that takes a boost::defer_lock_type as the second parameter:

      boost::mutex::scoped_lock some_lock(some_mutex,boost::defer_lock);

    * The broken boost::read_write_mutex has been replaced with


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